Weekends of Weddings~

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, June 6, 2010 12:50 AM

As i was getting ready this morning for yet another wedding this weekends, i thought of wearing my beloved Kebaya Nyonya~

I ironed by clothes with hopes that i will look smashing at the wedding!

I put on the Kebaya & OHMIGAWD!

I look like i was  wearing a body suit (or sarung nangka as mama reckoned~) because it was TIGHT!
The buttons looks like it is screaming to pop off!

I went out & showed my sis~
She said ; U're not FAT! Its the clothes that has shrunk~

Thanx a lot Akak!

I had to held my breath at the wedding just to make sure my buttons doesn't escape...
Thank GOD i was not that hungry...So i could minimise my food intake~


 This nicely fit kebaya is now CHOKING ME!

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