ME giant VS YOU midgets

Posted by miera angela , Friday, February 25, 2011 9:21 PM

I don't mean to offend u petites *coughs* *midgets* *coughs* out there, but please do understand how does it feels like not blending in...

I am 165 cm & I've been QUITE tall all my life...
It is in the genes ( u should see my Dad ) so i never blamed anyone...

this is my cousin (I am still quite short eventhough I wore my tallest heels)
SEE what I mean?

I've been called with nasty names while growing up:
GIANT, FAT u just name it!
no one wants to be friends with the BIG girl...
no one wants to be friends with the UGLY girl...

I must admit that i wasn't the prettiest creature growing up but what gives u the right to call me those names???
I was created by HIM & so are YOU!
SO please please PLEASE be considerate!
I never asked to be this way~

I even hate it more when it comes to SHOPPING! (what else??)
It seems like all of the cute, pretty ( and cheap ) stuffs are all sized for the PETITE Asians...
My sizes are hard to find & are often too tight or too loose.

And do I have to mention about finding a guy TALL enough so that i could wear a 4-inch heels & still feel like a petite, innocent girl ( OK, TMI! )

So, the solution?

These babies have been my BFF since FOREVER!
(it is a good thing that I am tomboy-ish)
Cuts my spending on those expensive heels too...

Perhaps I should seriously consider living in Russia!
Will feel SUPER petite there then~


Posted by miera angela , Monday, February 21, 2011 5:10 PM

Yesterday will be the day that i will never forget in my entire life....

12.45 pm
My officemates were arguing on where to have lunch (as usual)

1.00 pm
We all went to the elevator to go down

1.05 pm
*elevator door opens*
All of us went in, the elevator went up to the 12th floor, then down again to the 5th floor (i think)
3 senior citizens went in (despite the elevator being full)
*squeezes in*

*ground floor*
Elevator door is not opened.

::5 minutes later::
*door still not opened*

Elevator went up
1st floor
2nd floor
3rd floor
abruptly went down to the 2nd floor again...

GREAT... we are stuck!

SUPER packed with people!

nail biting moment!

attempts on opening the door

A friend of mine even managed to record our ordeal with her phone...

We got stuck in the elevator for almost an hour!
The maintenance were extremely late & they seemed like not to care at all!!!

SUPER SCARY but thank GOD i am not alone & for the good company i had...
We constantly laughed as my wacky colleagues keep on making silly jokes.
Eventhough without a proper ventilation (it is hot hot HOT & i can't breathe till my chest hurts), i dare say it is quite enjoyable...

But I wouldn't want to go through it EVER again!

I have an interesting life don't I???

24th Wishlist

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, February 20, 2011 7:41 AM

It is less than a month now to my birthday, so i think it is only right for me to start on my wishlist...
(to EVERYONE, please take note!)

Ever since i laid my eyes on this advert, i'm HOOKED!
I guess most of U readers already knew about my passion for LOMO cameras and right now i only got my eyes on THIS:

Aint it a beauty???

I mean, how can ANYONE could ever resist???
It is a limited V-Day special edition...
But the price tag is...Oh me, Oh my!
It is WAAAYY out of my newly-working budget.

But i do do DO wish that I could get this as a Birthday present (pretty please with a cherry on top)
*hint hints*

And dear God, if i could get some additional wishes such as a salary raise or that new pants if been eyeing or a new bag
or this! want want WANT!!!

And this wouldn't hurt either =p

(but i STILL don't have my driving license yet!)

I know I am being UBER delusional, but dreaming is not a sin, right???

So, do not, i repeat, DO NOT try to ignore this post!
Thank you...


Posted by miera angela , Thursday, February 17, 2011 9:12 AM

Just bought a new earphone (finally) as I needed it severely to save myself from boredom in the office~
Lovin the colours (and the PRICE TAG!)
Now, I can blast on the volume on my MP3 while pretending to ignore Mr.Boss's presence!
JYEAH man!!!
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Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, February 15, 2011 5:39 AM

It has been a while since i went on a real adventure, and last Sunday i just did...
Ah Moi keep bugging me to come along with our bunch of friends for a so-called picnic by the waterfall. She said it'll be fun because her boify (who will later act as our guide) had been there a few times...
I was reluctant at first, but as she kept on pleading, i finally gave in~

I seriously thought it was just a normal drive, park & jump-into-the-water kinda waterfall, but good heavens am i in for a surprise!

The designated place is 2 and a half hours drive from Shah Alam to Kuala Kubu Baru in Hulu Selangor (somewhere near to Fraser's Hill) and another 40 minutes hike uphill (YES! that far!) through a forest reserve called CHILING (cool name ay?)
It is a good thing i came well prepared! (as i always do =p)

check-ins at the ranger's office

posing at the entrance (not knowing what to expect)

HYPERventilated me!

the first crossing

water getting deeper at the next river crossings

TA-DAA!!! the reward!

SUPER hungry after all of that calorie burning!

AAAWWW! the towel gang~

mission accomplished!

We arrived at around noon & only went down at 4.30 pm. Surprisingly, there were a lot of other visitors who were there before us!
The water is indeed very CHILL-y & we soaked ourselves until our fingertips were shrunk & blue~

I dare say it is worth the every cut, bruise, sweat, blood & sprain that we all had during the trip...
Especially when u have very good friends to share it together with~

Blogger's note:
You will definitely appreciate ur CROCS more than ur Jimmy Choo's after this trip...

Week 1

Posted by miera angela , Saturday, February 12, 2011 4:06 AM


I managed to finish my first week at my new workplace.
Busy busy busy as usual but I really do feel better here as the colleagues are friendly & very, VERY helpful..

we even get ang pows from Mr. Boss! *YEAY*

And the best part is, I don't EVER have to eat lunch alone again...

For the weeks to come, may i'll survive & thrive~


Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, February 9, 2011 12:00 PM

3 things i SUPER like right now:

1. My new workplace

nice view ay?

2. This little fella
i SOOOO miss him!!!

3. Good foods with great company

and I am thankful everyday for this wonderful simple things in life...