An Unwanted Scene

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, May 24, 2011 5:56 PM

Yesterday was just another day in the office...

There is only ONE toilet here so everyone gotta share.
Was having one of my 'Nature Call' so I head straight to the toilet & checked if anyone was inside.

:: silence ::


All clear!

Was opening the door when suddenly:
(well, u get the picture...)

Its a good thing I didn't see ANYTHING that could give me nightmares.
And its a good thing that computer guy was backing the door...

I kinda shrieked a bit in shocked & was a little phobia to go into the toilet for the rest of the day...

I tried to avoid any eye contact with that poor guy or I might burst out laughing!

So lesson of the day is:


Thank you...

The 3rd Time Rookie

Posted by miera angela , Monday, May 23, 2011 4:26 PM

I was suppose to start working on the 1st of June, at an architecture firm in K.L which is quite close to Akak's house.
This is gonna be my 3rd working place in 6 months!


When Sararaww called me last Friday saying that the boss wants me to assist him in an important meeting this Wednesday, I agreed~

Now, I kinda regretted my decision...

Last week had been a SUPER hectic week for me because of job interviews & my convocation ceremony. I even promised Mr.Apek to help out his auntie at her bazaar booth on Saturday.

So that only left me Sunday to move my stuffs (which is, A LOT!) out of my rented room to Akak's house in K.L.
I NEED A REST!!!!!!!

If I wanna save up some money (and energy) for the trip to my office, I had to ask Akak to drop me off on her way to work which is quite close...
School starts at 7 a.m so I had to wake up before 6 & arrive at the office BEFORE 7 a.m.
That could only mean ONE thing only:

TWO freaking hours of waiting!!!

I waited at the nearby McD & ordered breakfast.
I ate as slowly as I could & open up dear lappy to keep me company.
Still, its not even 8 yet...
I don't even know what else to do, so I just waited in front of the locked office.
The key-bearer arrived AFTER 9 a.m
Can u just imagine how much time I wasted on waiting instead on sleeping???

My first impression as I walked into the 4th level office is:

The front part is acceptable but the worker's area is baaaaad...
Everything is EVERYWHERE & people don't even have enough place to sit!
Even the Surau acts as a store room.
It is SUPER messy & super stuffy..
The boss said that he is going to move the office to a new location nearby perhaps in 2-3 months time.
The new place will be much more spacious & organized. (THANK GOD!!!)

So at the time being, hopefully GOD will give me the strength to endure this chaotic mess & for a clean freak like me, it is HELL!
U aint see nothin' yet!

Pardon me for being nosy or choosy...
Its not that I am not thankful, but it sores my eyes seeing unorganized things.
For me, from being a big organization into a medium firm, is still quite new & I need room to adapt myself...

But only God knows how happy & thankful I am for this opportunity & I hope Allah will give me guidance to a better & happy life, InshaAllah~

Wish me luck people!

P/S: I posted this just to kill the time while waiting.
P/P/S: OK, after posting this, now I feel very sleepy...WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of Petronas Coloured Nails & An Empty Certificate..

Posted by miera angela , Thursday, May 19, 2011 10:13 PM

Yesterday, was the result after 5 years worth of blood, sweat & tears...
Yesterday, was a day for me to wear a fancy robe, get on a stage & take an empty certificate~
Yesterday, was my CONVOCATION DAY!


I can't sleep the night before. Perhaps I was too excited or even nervous...
Slept at 3 a.m & woke up at 7 a.m
It was still quite early coz my ceremony starts at 12.30 p.m.
Even Mama who spent the night at my house woke up very early & didn't know what else to do...

So I decided to continue painting my nails as I was too tired to finish it up last night.
I am not that good in painting anything ( except walls) so the result was like my nails were dipped in a barrel full of paint!

It is suppose to be turquoise blue, but to me it looks like Petronas' corporate colour!

I asked Mr. Apek to send me & Mama to the ceremony hall months ago but when the time comes, he fell asleep at his house in Damansara.

We were suppose to be there half an hour earlier. I don't wanna take the bus because I know it will be SUPER pact & we're gonna have to walk far just to get to the hall. I just pity Mama (& my make-up!)

Akak promised me to come on time as well, so I thought we could go to the hall with her but sadly, even she was still at home waiting for her husband to come just because she doesn't know the way ( even after countless visits to Shah Alam )

What a way to start my BIG day...
Its a good thing Mama's so-called adopted son ( whom I've never met) lives nearby & willing to send us there.

I was running very late & haven't even put on my robe yet.
It took me & Amoi almost 20 minutes just to find our way to the right queue amongst thousands of other students!
We had to get ready with our outfit in the line.

We had to wait for a few hours before getting up on stage to make way for boring speeches & even boring-er videos...

When our time is finally up, it was almost 5 already.
All of us were very nervous for our turn while lining up...
All I could think of is:
(and I wish my picture would turn out perfect!)

Finally, its MY turn!




*takes certificate*

*walks away*

All it takes was about 10 seconds...
But can u imagine all of those months in preparation for just that 10 seconds on stage??
And with an empty certificate???
I mean, I want the REAL thing!!!

Eventhough yesterday was not the best-est day in my life, but it was not the worst either...
So I choose to forget about the ugly side & focus on what is important:
To be happy & be proud of my achievement!

To everyone who used to or still is participating in my life's journey, my sincerest appreciation for ur endless support & love all this while...
Congratulations to all!!!
Me & Amoi
Me & Mama!

Oh boy, what a journey!

Rain City Trippin'

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, May 18, 2011 8:16 AM

Been too busy lately with job interviews & convocation matters this week so THIS is kinda stale but nevertheless, an experience...

U see, I was born in Taiping, Perak so there will always be this THING between me & this place that is very close to my heart.
So when Mama & Akak wanted me to come along to attend a wedding in Taiping last weekend, I couldn't say NO eventhough I was reluctant at first.

It was my uncle's wife's little brother's wedding...
(FEWH! such a loong connection)

We departed from K.L at around midnight & arrived at dawn.
Then we went straight to the bride's side Kenduri at Parit Buntar.
And THIS is the result of car lag & lack of sleep:

Like Mama, like daughter ;)

After that, my uncle brought us to see his wife's kampung nearby.
HAHAHA! Mama insisted on taking pics at the sugarcane plant very ol'skool!

Nur Kasih's shooting ( I wish!)

Fresh coconut drink, coming right up!

Taiping is known to be the wettest ( is that correct?) city in peninsular Malaysia, if I'm not mistaken. So when the Rain City itself is not raining, just imagine the rest of the country...

But what else is best to quench the summer sun rather that a bowl of Taiping's famous:
After the wedding, all of us thought of going to town & get ourselves some icy cold cendol but oh me oh my...Guess what I saw???


When we arrived at the Kenduri, to our amazement, my uncle brought the Cendol's Mamak to prepare cendol for guests!

This is even better!
We can eat our hearts out for FREEEEEEEE!!!!!

3 sisters!

When we decided to tour the town later that evening, it is only then it rained...
My poor brother-in-law never seen Taiping before so we brought him to my favourite place of all time, Taiping's LAKE GARDEN!

I SUPER love its centuries-old shady trees & the still lake...

Not forgetting the special Char kuey teaw & Air Amra ( Kedondong juice )
an old town that never fails to excites me in new ways...

A day in my jobless life...

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, May 11, 2011 10:18 AM

Wanna know what is in the schedule of a jobless person???
Lemme tell U on how I spend my day today...

11th MAY 2011:

I woke up at around 5 something this morning thinking on what else to do coz I can't sleep anymore because of the scorching heat...

Then, I decided to go JOGGING!

Started walking out if the house at around 7 a.m & reached a nearby park
Worked out for about an hour & head back home.





Notice that there's no EATING in between???
That is because I do NOT eat at all since yesterday!
(well, apart for some sunflower seeds & an apple that is it!)

I do occasionally checked my email inbox for any job responses but since it's always empty, I couldn't be bothered that much...



Finally for dinner I decided to head out to KFC mainly because of the air cond there...


Then I feel the urge to visit my hairdresser for a mini makeover. A trip to the hairdresser proves to be rejuvenating...
Lovin my new very the Japanese hair!

As Rebecca Black put it, its fun fun FUN isn't it???

I just hope I'll get a job pretty soon or U will find me in the newspaper's front page...

Cause of death: BOREDOM!


Please Don't tell my Mama!

Posted by miera angela , Friday, May 6, 2011 1:58 AM

I woke up early this morning, all prep up to go to work...
Me & May even got extra time to buy some breakfast and still be 15 minutes early to work~

We act normally & did our work expecting nothing interesting to happen when allof a sudden at around 12, Miss Superior said taht Mr. Boss asked to see us...


I'm beginningto have a very bad feeling about what is going to happen

With a shaky voice, he told us that our service in no longer required in the company because they need more 'experienced' worker & we can leave after lunch if we wanted to...


It feels like my head had just been hit hard with a sledgehammer!

I had to act like everything is normal in front of my colleagues, or at least until lunch time...
So i did my work like nothing ever happened & I wish to walk out the door fabulously stylish & with whatever pride left in myself~
Coz frankly saying, my mind was thinking on how I would miss out on sugar coating my eyes with that new cute & tall 3-D designer boy...

So when we broke the expected news to our colleagues on lunch hour, they were quite shocked.
They give encouraging speeches & bid their goodbyes in the office pantry.

As what we see on TV, people usually pack their stuffs in nice boxes whereas us, we only managed to find some Mydin plastic bags...
Pathetic, VERY!

Crying is the last thing on my to-do list but when one of our closest colleague Millie started to cry, both of us just can't bear it any longer & we all broke down in tears, in the (where else?) pantry.

We had to hand back our worker passes to our so called Miss Superior & all i can think of is:
DANG! I haven't taken any pictures with the pass as a momento..

But...I do manage to get this!
My trusted table calender!

Well....erm..I don't actually GET it but I took it coz it is fully marked with important dates & memos!
Besides, they got it for FREE from the suppliers anyway...

I still haven't told my family coz I am too scared of what their reaction will be especially Mama~
Its mothers day tomorrow & I feel so useless for not able to do something for her & instead will make her worry more...

Only my colleagues, Mr.Apek ( and his family ) knew...
And now U readers too of course ;)
That Apek boy and his BIG MOUTH!

His Mum even contacted her friends to ask about vacancies in my behalf without me even knowing!
I am SUPER embarrassed to the max but I am also as desperate as a mouse in a Lion's mouth...
So perhaps I will have to accept her help ( for this time ONLY!)

Everyone knows that 'ALMOST' is never good enough but all I regret is that the SUPERIOR should've given us notice at least a week earlier so that we can prepare ourselves for the worst
( like finding another job of course!)

Goodbye dear workplace!
U will be deeply missed...

Pregnancy Test?????

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, May 4, 2011 12:13 PM

Was strolling around in Subang Parade with Mr. Apek this evening, deciding on what is for dinner when suddenly we saw his friend that I also knew walking alone...
So we stopped by & chatted.


He looked at me and said:

Are U pregnant?

:: silence ::


I asked him what makes U say that?

He said: U don't look fat but why ur tummy is erm... bigger???

I said: What ever for??? I didn't do anything that could lead me to being pregnant!

He said: Ala.. chill la..we are all adults. I'm serious..U better go & check

I said: But I am having my erm..(full moon) right now, skipped lunch & I just had a large Starbuck's cream chip...

(erm..well, perhaps it was some additional fats too~but cut me some slacks will ya???)



Diet time!!!!!

LabourDAY HoliDAY!

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, May 3, 2011 7:14 AM

What did U do during the looong weekend?

I have no plans so I decided to follow Mama & my stepdad to visit his family in The Land of Faith:TERENGGANU DARUL IMAN!
Haven't been here for almost 10 years!

DAY 1: Saturday

We departed at around 7.30 a.m from Akak's house.
It took us around almost 8 hours drive fom K.L just to arrive ~
My butt soared for sitting too long in the car..
I can even feel it getting flattened!

Along the way all I can see is GREEN...
NO house, NO petrol stations, Not even a mosque in sight!
Just cars & more Palm trees...

The house is at Kampung Kemat, Kuala Berang.
It is situated in Hulu Terengganu, quite near to Kelantan...

As we arrived, there are no electricity because the cables outside were being repaired.
It was scorching hot (typical Terengganu's weather) & very dark in the house when night falls...
As I was sitting in the living room alone, a shiny thing came flying directly to me..It was only a bit later I realised that it was actually a Firefly!
Now, I haven't seen one of those in more than 10 years as they are extinctly fast...
What a sight!

The house is a very 'KAMPUNG' kampung house coz they don't even have flush in the toilet...
Being the clean-freak me, I can't accept things at first, but I do tried my best not to think about it too much~

By 10.30 p.m,

All I can hear is the sound of the crickets & Mama's super loud snore...
And I can't sleep!

At times like that really REALLY made me wish that I have a super expensive, fancy-schmancy, apps filled smart phone to kill my utter boredom~

I can't really communicate with the locals as I am lost in Translation...
So the best I could do is just, SMILE...

But they do have a pretty good side though...
Imagine having THIS in ur backyard!

I mean, this is pure bliss~
Untouched by human's dirty hands...

DAY 2: Sunday

The family decided to have a picnic at a nearby river called Sekayu.
It was only a 20 minutes drive away & we brought packed foods from home...

NOW I know why am I ALWAYS hungry! look at Mama!!!

with my stepdad's youngest niece

While waiting for my stepdad to pick us up at the river's entrance, there was a bunch of Mat Remps ( U know what I mean~) next to us.
I was eating ice cream & all of a sudden there is a not so tall Remps came up to me and say:
"Nak sikit boleh?"

in a thick Ganu's accent that I struggled to understand at first.
My reply was:
"What the HELL???"

They all burst out laughing and said that I was "Skipping" English...

I HATE Mat Remps!!!

We packed immediately after arriving home & head out to my uncle's house in Kemaman...

Day 3: Monday
It's working day In Terengganu but my uncle went to his office only for a while to punch card & took us for breakfast. Luckily he is the boss!

U can't never come to Terengganu & NOT eat Nasi Dagang!
That will be the biggest sin~
guess what this is?? it is actually Tapai wrapped in Rubber leaves!

Then he took us to the best Kepok Lekor ( as the locals call it ) in town to buy some souvenirs.
U can contact them if u want~

Frrrresh from the pot!

After all that, we finally headed home to K.L & arrived at about 3 p.m
Eventhough I had to spend half of my journey flattening my rear end in the car, but it was very enlightening & exciting...

Wouldn't mind coming again!

Na Na Na Na Na... GANU KITEE~