The 3rd Time Rookie

Posted by miera angela , Monday, May 23, 2011 4:26 PM

I was suppose to start working on the 1st of June, at an architecture firm in K.L which is quite close to Akak's house.
This is gonna be my 3rd working place in 6 months!


When Sararaww called me last Friday saying that the boss wants me to assist him in an important meeting this Wednesday, I agreed~

Now, I kinda regretted my decision...

Last week had been a SUPER hectic week for me because of job interviews & my convocation ceremony. I even promised Mr.Apek to help out his auntie at her bazaar booth on Saturday.

So that only left me Sunday to move my stuffs (which is, A LOT!) out of my rented room to Akak's house in K.L.
I NEED A REST!!!!!!!

If I wanna save up some money (and energy) for the trip to my office, I had to ask Akak to drop me off on her way to work which is quite close...
School starts at 7 a.m so I had to wake up before 6 & arrive at the office BEFORE 7 a.m.
That could only mean ONE thing only:

TWO freaking hours of waiting!!!

I waited at the nearby McD & ordered breakfast.
I ate as slowly as I could & open up dear lappy to keep me company.
Still, its not even 8 yet...
I don't even know what else to do, so I just waited in front of the locked office.
The key-bearer arrived AFTER 9 a.m
Can u just imagine how much time I wasted on waiting instead on sleeping???

My first impression as I walked into the 4th level office is:

The front part is acceptable but the worker's area is baaaaad...
Everything is EVERYWHERE & people don't even have enough place to sit!
Even the Surau acts as a store room.
It is SUPER messy & super stuffy..
The boss said that he is going to move the office to a new location nearby perhaps in 2-3 months time.
The new place will be much more spacious & organized. (THANK GOD!!!)

So at the time being, hopefully GOD will give me the strength to endure this chaotic mess & for a clean freak like me, it is HELL!
U aint see nothin' yet!

Pardon me for being nosy or choosy...
Its not that I am not thankful, but it sores my eyes seeing unorganized things.
For me, from being a big organization into a medium firm, is still quite new & I need room to adapt myself...

But only God knows how happy & thankful I am for this opportunity & I hope Allah will give me guidance to a better & happy life, InshaAllah~

Wish me luck people!

P/S: I posted this just to kill the time while waiting.
P/P/S: OK, after posting this, now I feel very sleepy...WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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