The Wait

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, March 29, 2011 6:36 AM

Time, waits for no man
( and WOMAN of course!)

Have I ever told you that I hated waiting???
Well, of course I have because I do DESPISE waiting!!!



My 18th (+6) Birthday Celebration!

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, March 23, 2011 6:54 AM

Been to occupied with work lately until I had to postpone posting about this...

But first,
Pardon the sign

This might be a LOOOONNGGG post!
(Don't say I didn't warn cha!)


Last Friday marked my day of adulthood when I officially turned 18! (+6)

Mr. Apek treated me to a nice dinner at The Ship where I was force to eat something TOTALLY unexpected....
Yup, I can proudly say I ate SNAILS!
Escargot??? YIKES!!!

Amazingly, it doesn't taste as bad as I expected...No wonder the French consider this as their national cuisine!
But I don't think I'll order them in the future... (but doesn't mind eating them though)

And for desserts, we went to Starhill Gallery's Shook Restaurant.
As you might now (IF u do) I am a DIE HARD FAN of cheesecakes! So, like I was put on AUTOMATIC mode, I ordered the Cheesecake Supreme & Oh Boy!!!

I dare say this is the BEST cheesecake I've ever tasted!!!
It is creamy without being too sweet or cheesy. The fruits enhances the tastes more!
Even thinking bout it makes me go LOCO!
And owh, ya...
Almost forgot to mention about Mr. Apek's Creme Brulee...


We continued our celebration by going to the 3rd Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
It rained heavily all the way there so we were quite worried because we really hope we could go on the balloon ride this year (as we missed last year because of what else? RAIN!)

We missed the morning ride so we PRAY that we could go on the evening session.
So we waited, and waited, and waited...

While killing the time, we decided to go on the Lake Cruise as they were having 50% off the normal ticket price.

(I don't know how to spell the rain sound)

It rained, AGAIN!


We had to find cover at a nearby cafe in the equine park & waited until the rain is gone...
hello Mr. Horsy!

We rushed straight to the ticket counter as we know that everyone wants the ticket after the heavy rain.
When we arrived, the line was already super long & the tickets were limited to 300 only.
We knew we're not going to stand a chance at getting a ticket, so we decided to wait for the fireworks at night.

The Balloon show at night

I wish, one day I could go on a ride in the Doraemon Balloon~

Beautiful Fireworks

It was a super tiring day, but I guess every second is worth it...
*credits to Mr. Apek


Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, March 9, 2011 8:22 PM

Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are...

I have always been fascinated with the stars & galaxy above us ever since i could remember...
My dad used to buy me books or encyclopedias about the them & I will keep on reading until i fell asleep.

Even from when I was young, when other kids keep changing their minds on what to be when they grow up, all i could remember is i wanted to be an astronomer, then only comes my ambition in being an archeologist or an architect.

I still remembered what Abah said to me when i told him about my dream.
He told me that the working prospect of an astronomer in Malaysia is very little. U have to go overseas to study & obviously we couldn't afford that.
Besides, U have to learn very very hard in order to get a scholarship...


I asked him about my other passion in being an archeologist...
His reply was the same & he even told me that it is not an easy job for a lady~


He told me that all i could do is be an architect.
And that is what I am reaching for.
The road is long & windy but i know, one day I will reach the sky and be my own star...

I have long forgotten my dreams in being among the stars, but i can never let go of my fascination every time I look up in the night sky, gazing at God's greatest creation...

Ketchup & Fries

Posted by miera angela , Monday, March 7, 2011 7:08 AM

YOU (yes, you!) are like the ketchup to my fries

Without YOU, life will never taste the same...
(but personally,I prefer Chilli sauce though)


Posted by miera angela , Sunday, March 6, 2011 7:33 AM

It is like, wherever I go, i will end up cleaning TOILETS!

(well, don't u?)

Please please PLEASE people, eventhough u never clean the toilet up, but at least don't make a mess...
I am like a one-man army struggling to live in a better environment while hoping for u people to have the slightest awareness of my effort.
But sadly, everything is useless..

I don't know if u have a maid, servant or even a slave at home to clean ur toilets ( and i do pray that u people's toilets are cleaner there) but PLEASE have some courtesy.

There are 9 people currently living under one roof..why can't we take turns then?
If u don't wanna to spoil ur perfectly manicured nails by scrubbing, I understand, but at least help me by sweeping the floor or at least take the trash out.

I even endangered my own health a few times by using dangerously strong chemicals to remove the unsightly dirt when scrubbing just won't work!

I know u are busy with assignments bla bla bla...but 10 minutes every 2 weeks won't affect ur schedule ( i think... )

I am not trying to diss anybody.
All I'm asking is a cleaner, usable toilet...
Is that so hard to ask?

I hope one day a GENIUS will invent a self cleaning toilet & I will be the FIRST customer to order...

Thank You in advance~