Posted by miera angela , Sunday, March 6, 2011 7:33 AM

It is like, wherever I go, i will end up cleaning TOILETS!

(well, don't u?)

Please please PLEASE people, eventhough u never clean the toilet up, but at least don't make a mess...
I am like a one-man army struggling to live in a better environment while hoping for u people to have the slightest awareness of my effort.
But sadly, everything is useless..

I don't know if u have a maid, servant or even a slave at home to clean ur toilets ( and i do pray that u people's toilets are cleaner there) but PLEASE have some courtesy.

There are 9 people currently living under one roof..why can't we take turns then?
If u don't wanna to spoil ur perfectly manicured nails by scrubbing, I understand, but at least help me by sweeping the floor or at least take the trash out.

I even endangered my own health a few times by using dangerously strong chemicals to remove the unsightly dirt when scrubbing just won't work!

I know u are busy with assignments bla bla bla...but 10 minutes every 2 weeks won't affect ur schedule ( i think... )

I am not trying to diss anybody.
All I'm asking is a cleaner, usable toilet...
Is that so hard to ask?

I hope one day a GENIUS will invent a self cleaning toilet & I will be the FIRST customer to order...

Thank You in advance~

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