My Bundle of Joy

Posted by miera angela , Saturday, July 31, 2010 10:56 PM

Meet Abdur Rahman...


But my family wants to call him IMAN...

He was born on the 31st 0f July 2010 at 2.45 a.m in HKL...
He's 3.5 kg ( one of the heaviest in his ward! ) and very, VERY healthy indeed~

He is my first ever NEPHEW
and i am now officially an AUNTIE!!!

Hopefully he will live up to his name and grows up to be a good person...

Mama Mia u bebeh!!!

How to TIE?

Posted by miera angela , Saturday, July 17, 2010 10:17 AM

I managed to learn how to tie a TIE last week...
Am SOOOO darn proud of myself because after 23 years of breathing, i FINALLY made it!!!

Don't i look DASHINGLY smart?

So, next mission:


Before HARI RAYA i hope~

seven to eleven

Posted by miera angela , Thursday, July 15, 2010 2:44 AM

I applied for a part time job at 7-11 & was called for an interview last Tuesday...

Everything went perfectly well & i really think that i had nailed it!

But until today, there is no news from them...
Not even the slightest beep~

Who said it is easy to make a decent living???

R.I.P Mr.Bobby

Posted by miera angela , Saturday, July 10, 2010 1:35 AM

I just found found out that my cat, Mr.Bobby had died on the 1st of July 2010 through my sister's previous FB's status (which i NEVER noticed!)
What makes it more painful is the fact that nobody even bothered to tell me about his death~

I was so shocked, i cried until i could not even breathe~
Call me emotional but he is the best cat u could ever own...
Bobby is obedient, playful & very very cute!
I don't care if my mum spoils him to bits because he deserved it.

Abah said that he had some sort of ulcer in his tummy. My brother noticed it after he gave him a shower the night before bobby's death.
The next morning my dad found him frozen stiff on the floor. He was only 2 years old!!!
Abah said it was an easy death & Mr. Bobby seemed happy~

 R.I.P Mr Bobby...
U will always be missed~
Akak loves u so very much...

Order or Chaos???

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, July 6, 2010 2:11 AM

"When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that diamonds are made under pressure" 

A qoute that a friend told me to help ease the pain in my heart~
Bureaucracy has no end & the ones who got  stuck in the middle will suffer...

Why do we have to endure this?
Rules were made to help ensure ORDER, not CHAOS!

But when chaos rules rule, it is time to change the rules~

because i would really like to walk out to the world with pride, not shame~

11th First Day

Posted by miera angela , Monday, July 5, 2010 7:25 PM

Yesterday was another mundane Monday because it marked as another first day in a new semester for me~
I am not proud to say that it is my 11th first day (yes, i took a longer route to graduate)
Do you think i like sticking around the faculty when all of my friends had move on with their live?
The best part is, when people start asking:

Eh, you're still here???



People said that a good smile is your best accessory~
In my case, i think it is the ONLY accessory i could put on when facing THAT situation...

Perhaps i AM not that smart~
But, Oh well.....

Live has to move on, RIGHT???
I am just trying not to think about it too much or i will go CRAY-ZEH!!!

So, on the first day, the lecturers arrived very VERY late (as usual)
They give us a brief & BLA BLA BLA....
We're done!

That is only it!
The time the lecs took to brief us is shorter than the amount of time it took them to find their way to class~

Dear GOD, 
I just hope that i don't have to go through this again...
(with a cherry on top)

Hi! My Name is Angeline!

Posted by miera angela 7:21 PM

Hi! My Name is Angeline
I have to practice that in front of the mirror & keep that in mind for the next 24hours!

Last Saturday, went to KLCC to participate in DATUM:KL
It is an international architectural design conference ( sounds bloody fancy, right?)

Well, i could proudly say now that i am now longer a DATUM virgin~

It was a dream of mine to go to such event but obviously i couldn't afford to pay for the price of the pass...
(because it is going to burn 300 bucks in my pocket...YIKES!)

But a miracle happened, & someone managed to gave me & Mr.Apek passes to participate but only on the second day~
(i am thankful enough)

Who is that mystery someone???
It is for me to know & for U to find out!

Actually the passes belongs to some foreign guests who got invited but didn't come to the event.
(i know, pretty ungrateful~)

But that has opened another door for us virgins to go instead!

*lights of blessing from above*

I got a pass for a person named Angeline. She is an architect from The Philippines while Mr.Apek got someone named BAMBANG!


The conference started at 9 and ends at 6
It was a long-enlightening-pain in the a** experience but hey, we got FREE FOODS!!!
It doesn't get better than THAT!!!

Later that evening, both of us went home with a mixed feelings: 

Tired, Full, Butt Pain ( for sitting too long) bot most importantly, Enlightened...


p/s: pics coming soon! (too lazy to upload now~)

I'm Sorry Mama~

Posted by miera angela , Friday, July 2, 2010 1:36 AM

I know i'm not a daughter that you can be proud of...
I know all i do is be a burden to you~
But despite all that, you still asked me to follow my dreams because you couldn't follow yours~
You don't mind working hard even at 52 years old...
Just so that i could have a better future...
You never ask anything in return, you just want me to be happy~

But i just want you to know that i appreciate every drop of sweat, blood & tears that you shed for me...
All the sleepless nights you had to endure in order to find money so that i could fulfill my dream~
And i am never ashamed in what you do for me because i know not every mother could do what u did... 
I am sorry if i had caused u much pain & suffering~
Only GOD can repay your kindness, love & care...

I LOVE you Mama~
And i want the whole world to know that you are the BEST MAMA in the WORLD!