Hi! My Name is Angeline!

Posted by miera angela , Monday, July 5, 2010 7:21 PM

Hi! My Name is Angeline
I have to practice that in front of the mirror & keep that in mind for the next 24hours!

Last Saturday, went to KLCC to participate in DATUM:KL
It is an international architectural design conference ( sounds bloody fancy, right?)

Well, i could proudly say now that i am now longer a DATUM virgin~

It was a dream of mine to go to such event but obviously i couldn't afford to pay for the price of the pass...
(because it is going to burn 300 bucks in my pocket...YIKES!)

But a miracle happened, & someone managed to gave me & Mr.Apek passes to participate but only on the second day~
(i am thankful enough)

Who is that mystery someone???
It is for me to know & for U to find out!

Actually the passes belongs to some foreign guests who got invited but didn't come to the event.
(i know, pretty ungrateful~)

But that has opened another door for us virgins to go instead!

*lights of blessing from above*

I got a pass for a person named Angeline. She is an architect from The Philippines while Mr.Apek got someone named BAMBANG!


The conference started at 9 and ends at 6
It was a long-enlightening-pain in the a** experience but hey, we got FREE FOODS!!!
It doesn't get better than THAT!!!

Later that evening, both of us went home with a mixed feelings: 

Tired, Full, Butt Pain ( for sitting too long) bot most importantly, Enlightened...


p/s: pics coming soon! (too lazy to upload now~)

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