I SERIOUSLY lurve J.B!!!!

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, December 30, 2009 9:57 PM

Yesterday while browsing around at the mall,i stumbled upon a shoe shop with NOT-TO-BE-MISSED ,buy 1 free 1, 4 days only promotion storewide!

I just couldn't resist from checking the shop up & i got this nice black gladiators for less than 30 bucks!
And because of the promotion, i got another cool sandal for FREE!!!

i am 1 happy gal & i can't stop smiling ALL the way back home~

Ain't i lucky??? =)


Posted by miera angela 9:13 PM

2009 = DRAMATIC!

It was full of ups & downs,happiness & sorrow,break-ups & make-ups...
But it was not all that bad...I finally went back on track & manage to stand back on my feet
(after going through HELL that is!)

All i know is, 2009 will be history & always be remembered~
So long 2009...
like every other year, i'm gonna usher in the new year with only me & Mr.TeeVee

May 2010 be a better chapter...

HAPPY NEW YEAR friends~ (^_^)/


Posted by miera angela , Sunday, December 27, 2009 9:50 PM

My 6 weeks homecoming period to J.B is coming to an end & I don’t know when will I be back again…(not anytime soon, I bet!)

I know I’m gonna miss this place…
I still could recall my early years in Shah Alam where I really DESPISED the foods there! I just can’t stand the bland taste & lack of varieties. Besides, the way they eat EVERYTHING with chilli sauce just FREAKED me out!

( I mean, who eats pisang goreng with chilli la WEYH! We eat it with SAMBAL KICAP ok!)

Plus, if u are a bargain hunter like MOI, then J.B is simply H.E.A.V.E.N!
Good foods, cheap stuffs, cool lepak places…
Hey, what more could u ask for~
It is SO true when they say:

Poor Jon~

Posted by miera angela 9:37 PM

My sis finally got transferred to K.L last week…It is such a short notice like SUPER-DUPER short. She was supposed to report for duty like the next day after she got the news.

The thing is, she had been asking for a transfer for quite a while now because it is hard for a newlyweds to live 3 hours drive (not to mention hundreds of kilometers)away from each other…they could only meet during the weekends. Being a pregger doesn’t help as well..

So, she had to ask for help from her husband’s aunty who got “inside” connection in the Ministry. Straight away after receiving the news, she rushed back home to pack up leaving her young cat, JON with us here.
She couldn’t take care of him cos she still hasn’t found a place to stay there. Furthermore, having a cat & a baby is not such a good idea so my sis had to make a difficult choice:
Poor Jon gotta go~

Jon is a not-so-fancy-local-black & white stray cat whom was found by a student of my sis months ago by the roadside. The student gave it to her knowing that his teacher just lost her ULTRA cute Siamese cat, BOBOY a while back..Eventhough Akak still moans about her lost, she agreed to take care of the little, thin & dirty cat (he is fatter & clean now of course) out of pity. She needs company at home anyway. Besides, Loneliness is swallowing her up.

Leaving Jon in our care for the time being, Akak hope that maybe mama can take care of Jon as mama grew fonder of the little one. But mama is moving out soon & she is worried that her new house is going to be too dangerous for the little mischievous cat & I don’t think that people want a not-so-fancy cat if we were to give him away.
Everyone is in a huge dilemma because of Jon. But whatever it is, right now poor Jon is playing happily with his little ball without knowing what might come in the future…*SIGH*

happy happy JOY!

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, December 13, 2009 9:43 PM

Last weekends was da BEST!

Thanx Mr.Apek...u made it worthwhile for me to go through hell just to see YOU~

I want no refunds....

S.O.S !!!!

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, December 6, 2009 9:33 PM

After bout 2 weeks here, all i can say is :

i didn't eat that much but miraculously, i gained more fats than what i had lost before...

this is no surprise to me coz mama & sis keep telling me that i don't eat enough & force me to eat more eventho i don't feel like eating...=(

my lust towards foods is vanishing, & i'm estatically happy bout it..but being the obedient youngest living creature inside that house, i obliged & forced my self to stuff foods inside my helpless mouth everytime mama tells me to eat~

Plus all of those events & kenduris that i have to attend last weekend...
(how can i say no???)

Dear Mr.Apek,
Forgive me if i can't fit in the t-shirt that u bought for me... ;p

i SERIOUSLY can't imagine what the hell is going to happen to me in the next 4 more weeks!

hmm...maybe someone should break my heart again so i can make this unwanted fats DISAPPEAR~