Of Petronas Coloured Nails & An Empty Certificate..

Posted by miera angela , Thursday, May 19, 2011 10:13 PM

Yesterday, was the result after 5 years worth of blood, sweat & tears...
Yesterday, was a day for me to wear a fancy robe, get on a stage & take an empty certificate~
Yesterday, was my CONVOCATION DAY!


I can't sleep the night before. Perhaps I was too excited or even nervous...
Slept at 3 a.m & woke up at 7 a.m
It was still quite early coz my ceremony starts at 12.30 p.m.
Even Mama who spent the night at my house woke up very early & didn't know what else to do...

So I decided to continue painting my nails as I was too tired to finish it up last night.
I am not that good in painting anything ( except walls) so the result was like my nails were dipped in a barrel full of paint!

It is suppose to be turquoise blue, but to me it looks like Petronas' corporate colour!

I asked Mr. Apek to send me & Mama to the ceremony hall months ago but when the time comes, he fell asleep at his house in Damansara.

We were suppose to be there half an hour earlier. I don't wanna take the bus because I know it will be SUPER pact & we're gonna have to walk far just to get to the hall. I just pity Mama (& my make-up!)

Akak promised me to come on time as well, so I thought we could go to the hall with her but sadly, even she was still at home waiting for her husband to come just because she doesn't know the way ( even after countless visits to Shah Alam )

What a way to start my BIG day...
Its a good thing Mama's so-called adopted son ( whom I've never met) lives nearby & willing to send us there.

I was running very late & haven't even put on my robe yet.
It took me & Amoi almost 20 minutes just to find our way to the right queue amongst thousands of other students!
We had to get ready with our outfit in the line.

We had to wait for a few hours before getting up on stage to make way for boring speeches & even boring-er videos...

When our time is finally up, it was almost 5 already.
All of us were very nervous for our turn while lining up...
All I could think of is:
(and I wish my picture would turn out perfect!)

Finally, its MY turn!




*takes certificate*

*walks away*

All it takes was about 10 seconds...
But can u imagine all of those months in preparation for just that 10 seconds on stage??
And with an empty certificate???
I mean, I want the REAL thing!!!

Eventhough yesterday was not the best-est day in my life, but it was not the worst either...
So I choose to forget about the ugly side & focus on what is important:
To be happy & be proud of my achievement!

To everyone who used to or still is participating in my life's journey, my sincerest appreciation for ur endless support & love all this while...
Congratulations to all!!!
Me & Amoi
Me & Mama!

Oh boy, what a journey!

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H Says:

mia...the studio pic..oh mai...im stunned :)

miera angela Says:

not just u but the people at the picture studio as well..
(coz they keep calling me~)


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