The National Mating season

Posted by miera angela , Saturday, February 9, 2013 12:21 AM

Hello Hello!
*Blames the lazy bug for the lack of any new posts*

Everybody knows that December until February is the National Mating season. So, BRACE YOURSELVES as there will be loads of people getting either married or engaged on almost every weekend. It is kinda tiring to attend ALL of them y'know?

I am never a big fan of going to weddings unless they are super close to me or they are my family members. Besides avoiding the pain of being bombarded with the "Million Dollar Question" of WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET MARRIED, I just don't really like having to prepare myself up. Yeap, I admit that I'm a Lazy Bum!

So, last December was the engagement day for my younger Stepsister, Sheril ( YES, she is a year younger than me) and here are some of the pics I managed to snap during whatever time I had.

With the bride-to-be Sheril!
Me with my brother, Emir

My parents wanted to re-live their moments too! :p

With my younger cousin and her 2 (Yes, TWO) kids.

Managed to snap a pic at my old High School which is strategically located next to my house ;)

AR1 is showing his love for Teddies just like his beloved Aunt (Me)

And these are some pictures from my cousin Apis's wedding in JB last week. I just love family reunions like this!

Bersama Ustazah Sipak, bakal Ketua Wanita UMNO  2035

He is only 12 and he is as tall as I am!

YEAP! I had to eat using my fingers BOO-HOO!

From KL to JB, HERE WE GO!
The newlyweds

My catch of the day: Some sweets & coins *KA-CHING!*

Look at my cousin's daughter super round & cute face!
Now you know where do I developed that love for cameras from.
Oh how I ADORE my crazy family!

I love the camera but the camera don't love me back :(
Too lazy to wear a Baju Kurung

Until the next mating season then!

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