I SERIOUSLY lurve J.B!!!!

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, December 30, 2009 9:57 PM

Yesterday while browsing around at the mall,i stumbled upon a shoe shop with NOT-TO-BE-MISSED ,buy 1 free 1, 4 days only promotion storewide!

I just couldn't resist from checking the shop up & i got this nice black gladiators for less than 30 bucks!
And because of the promotion, i got another cool sandal for FREE!!!

i am 1 happy gal & i can't stop smiling ALL the way back home~

Ain't i lucky??? =)


Posted by miera angela 9:13 PM

2009 = DRAMATIC!

It was full of ups & downs,happiness & sorrow,break-ups & make-ups...
But it was not all that bad...I finally went back on track & manage to stand back on my feet
(after going through HELL that is!)

All i know is, 2009 will be history & always be remembered~
So long 2009...
like every other year, i'm gonna usher in the new year with only me & Mr.TeeVee

May 2010 be a better chapter...

HAPPY NEW YEAR friends~ (^_^)/


Posted by miera angela , Sunday, December 27, 2009 9:50 PM

My 6 weeks homecoming period to J.B is coming to an end & I don’t know when will I be back again…(not anytime soon, I bet!)

I know I’m gonna miss this place…
I still could recall my early years in Shah Alam where I really DESPISED the foods there! I just can’t stand the bland taste & lack of varieties. Besides, the way they eat EVERYTHING with chilli sauce just FREAKED me out!

( I mean, who eats pisang goreng with chilli la WEYH! We eat it with SAMBAL KICAP ok!)

Plus, if u are a bargain hunter like MOI, then J.B is simply H.E.A.V.E.N!
Good foods, cheap stuffs, cool lepak places…
Hey, what more could u ask for~
It is SO true when they say:

Poor Jon~

Posted by miera angela 9:37 PM

My sis finally got transferred to K.L last week…It is such a short notice like SUPER-DUPER short. She was supposed to report for duty like the next day after she got the news.

The thing is, she had been asking for a transfer for quite a while now because it is hard for a newlyweds to live 3 hours drive (not to mention hundreds of kilometers)away from each other…they could only meet during the weekends. Being a pregger doesn’t help as well..

So, she had to ask for help from her husband’s aunty who got “inside” connection in the Ministry. Straight away after receiving the news, she rushed back home to pack up leaving her young cat, JON with us here.
She couldn’t take care of him cos she still hasn’t found a place to stay there. Furthermore, having a cat & a baby is not such a good idea so my sis had to make a difficult choice:
Poor Jon gotta go~

Jon is a not-so-fancy-local-black & white stray cat whom was found by a student of my sis months ago by the roadside. The student gave it to her knowing that his teacher just lost her ULTRA cute Siamese cat, BOBOY a while back..Eventhough Akak still moans about her lost, she agreed to take care of the little, thin & dirty cat (he is fatter & clean now of course) out of pity. She needs company at home anyway. Besides, Loneliness is swallowing her up.

Leaving Jon in our care for the time being, Akak hope that maybe mama can take care of Jon as mama grew fonder of the little one. But mama is moving out soon & she is worried that her new house is going to be too dangerous for the little mischievous cat & I don’t think that people want a not-so-fancy cat if we were to give him away.
Everyone is in a huge dilemma because of Jon. But whatever it is, right now poor Jon is playing happily with his little ball without knowing what might come in the future…*SIGH*

happy happy JOY!

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, December 13, 2009 9:43 PM

Last weekends was da BEST!

Thanx Mr.Apek...u made it worthwhile for me to go through hell just to see YOU~

I want no refunds....

S.O.S !!!!

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, December 6, 2009 9:33 PM

After bout 2 weeks here, all i can say is :

i didn't eat that much but miraculously, i gained more fats than what i had lost before...

this is no surprise to me coz mama & sis keep telling me that i don't eat enough & force me to eat more eventho i don't feel like eating...=(

my lust towards foods is vanishing, & i'm estatically happy bout it..but being the obedient youngest living creature inside that house, i obliged & forced my self to stuff foods inside my helpless mouth everytime mama tells me to eat~

Plus all of those events & kenduris that i have to attend last weekend...
(how can i say no???)

Dear Mr.Apek,
Forgive me if i can't fit in the t-shirt that u bought for me... ;p

i SERIOUSLY can't imagine what the hell is going to happen to me in the next 4 more weeks!

hmm...maybe someone should break my heart again so i can make this unwanted fats DISAPPEAR~

i miss Y.O.U!

Posted by miera angela , Monday, November 30, 2009 6:01 AM

It has been a while since i got my fingers to type for this blog coz i've been SO busy with practical training & my DEAREST lappy's wireless broke down so i can't steal some time in the office to surf the net..(DARN!)

So i have to lift my tired ass (from sitting all day long in the office)to go to the nearest cyber cafe just to vanquish my jitters for the internet~

6 weeks of practical training is going to KILL me!
1 week down, 5 more to go...GOSH!
feels like 4eva!

And that also means 6 weeks apart from Mr.Apek~
(kinda miss him...ok,i admit..not kinda, but REALLY miss HIM!)

this weekends is gonna be extremely hectic as hell coz i have tonnes of things to do & loads of places to go...

cousin's wedding, another cousin's wedding, mama's wedding..(Oops~)

But right now, all i ever wanted is to get away from all of this mess, go back to Shah Alam & lead a life which im FAMILIAR with...

Wish i could FAST FORWARD time........


Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, November 17, 2009 1:17 AM

All of those sleepless nights that i had to endure for weeks are finally over...
I've submitted my work & everything else is in god's hand...
I did everything that i could (with my almost-useless lappy) & now i just wanna


GOD! have mercy~

Posted by miera angela , Saturday, November 14, 2009 11:54 AM

i just stopped doing work just to type this down:
I NEED A DESKTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my lappy is KILLING me right now..... LITERALLY!!!!
especially when using SKETCHUP...

how am i suppose to finish work on time...
This lappy is seriously slowing me down,BIG TIME!
I even have to borrow mr.apek's lappy..Eventho its kinda slow but at least its MOVING (compared to MINE!)

i need to get my work DONE by tomorrow!
GOD..please have some mercy on me~

i love FLEAS!!!

Posted by miera angela , Monday, November 9, 2009 5:39 PM

Last weekend,(again~)me, mr.apek, his mum & bro decided to went out & watch PISAU CUKUR.
We went for a big lunch @ MFM (manhattan fish market) in Cineleisure while waiting for our turn~
Still have tonnes of time to spare we splited up coz aunty wanna go to Metrojaya but Mr.Apek doesn't want to~
So,to kill the time, we feel obliged to round the mall~ =p
while doing our rounds, i stumbled upon an indoor flea market
(when there's CHEAP stuff,there's ME!=p)
& i came across with this:

Deeply in love,i bought it without hesitation!(coz it's oh-so-VERY-cheap!!!)

Then, it's MOVIE TIME!
It was unexpected-ly entertaining & funny!
(our local film industry is improving SIGNIFICANTLY!)

before going back, we went through 1 more round in the mall & met aunty's friend's son.He owns a booth selling very nice & affordable BAGS!
Showing her support to the young lad,aunty bought a nice handbag that can also be turned into a backpack! (SWEET!)

The next day, aunty offered me the bag coz she said she already had too many stuff inside her room...
So,the bag is MINE now! (HURRAH!!!)
love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!

Let's DRESS up!

Posted by miera angela 5:00 PM

I went on a date with Mr.Apek's last weekend (& a FINE weekend indeed!)with an original intention to go on a little picnic at a nearby park.But it was POURING all day long,so we have to cancel our plan~
Instead,we went to Amcorp Mall to find something for his grandpa's birthday..
After a few rounds, we bump across this leather shop called RUSHAI & went in to check it up...

If ur an aspiring COWBOY, this is THE place to be...almost EVERYTHING is made out of what else,LEATHER!
After some time time browsing,i came across this weird looking piece of garment..
Curious, i picked it up & to my astonishment,it is NOTHING like what i've before~
That piece of garment is so HUMONGUS,it could fit both of us!
It's an interesting looking drawstring pants, kinda fashionable & stylish...
Hard to explain on how to wear them, but u have to fold, tie, roll it & TADAH!
it will look like this:

very, VERY comfy though~ (>_<)
So,we decided it will be a GREAT gift for his grandpa & we bought it!

After a long day, we went back to his house to rest for a while before going to his grandpa's to give his UNEXPECTED gift..
Then, i saw this stack of never-seen-before clothing in his wardrobe & i decided to try it out..This is the result.....

fun fun FUN!!!
(YES, i'm wacky sometimes,I know..but hey, who isn't???)

ROBOdance??? Oh, NO!!!

Posted by miera angela , Thursday, November 5, 2009 10:23 PM

The urge to do the ROBOdance is back again! CRAP!!!
I haven't done it like almost the whole semester...
The last time i did it was during my previous semester..
(when the world crave for Lady Gaga's JUST DANCE~)
& it was a HUGE hit among my friends
(they like the idea of me making a fool of myself~)
I just can't seem to REFRAIN myself from robodancing to that song EVERY single time!
(anywhere at all~ don't really care...=p)

Now,i'm putting the blame on B.E.P's BOOM BOOM POW!
Listening to that song, makes me wanna get up & just move my hands~

*doing da robodance*

Online boutiques & shoppping~

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, November 4, 2009 12:53 PM

With tonnes of online boutiques MUSHROOMING on the internet lately really worries me...
This is bcoz i developed the so-called 'online WINDOW shopping' addiction~
(really need to stop...)
The storm of cute dresses,shoes & bags from either Japan or Korea really intrigues my senses....
I could't afford to buy them (obviously~) so i just.....LOOK, STARE & WATCH~
(cuci mata jela...)

Eventho most of the prices are extremely cheap & the stuffs are a rare find, i still prefer to shop in real life!
i mean the FEELING & SENSATION of a real life shopping is TOTALLY different from just buying stuff online..
Plus u could try it on & inspect for any flaws...
LESS risk taken & SATISFACTION guaranteed~
But hey, that's just me...(who am i to judge~)

We can still find cheap, cute stuff if u now where to look for them..
My personal FAV is of course the flea markets or local 'UPTOWN' (& DOWNTOWN)
Its unique, yet affordable stuffs are enough to satisfy every fashion needs~

But, then again, its GOOD business..
Nowadays, people are too busy to go shopping (or too lazy) so they prefer to shop from the convenience of their own home, with just a CLICK....
This makes me think.....we can really make SERIOUS money out of this~
The urge to have my OWN online boutique emerges!!!
I know the sources for cheap finds (being a bargain hunter myself..*credits to me*), got PILES of worn-only-once-or-twice stuffs @ home(rather than giving it to my sis for FREE!)& i think i could establish a good cable of followers thru my FACEBOOK account or my blog ~(i could just FORCE my friends to buy..>=D)
But the REAL problem is MONEY & TIME....

To start a business, we obviously need MONEY & we need TIME to maintain them..But sadly, i lack of both......

my life as an architecture students is hectic enough...but i think i could squeeze some time here & there...another thing is the CAPITAL part...WHERE CAN I FIND ENOUGH MONEY TO START???
Hmm...maybe i need to find myself a SPONSOR...a BAPAK GULA(sugar daddy) perhaps...

Putting all of the negativity aside,INSYAALLAH with tonnes of FAITH,WILL & DETERMINATION,perhaps i could pull it thru~
If all else fails,i could just keep the clothes all to myself anyway~
(MORE clothes for me! YEAY!!)
So, no harm done......

Hmm....well, it is after all, just a thot~ (but a darn PRODUCTIVE one indeed.....)

Cute baby trying to say fire truck~

Posted by miera angela 8:54 AM

this poor child was exploited by adults for their own entertainment~
but its SO darn cute, so they are forgiven...

Life after ARCHITECTURE...

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, November 3, 2009 9:12 PM

How to define life after ARCHITECTURE???

I have a few friends who quit architecture & do something that is TOTALLY different afterwards...
1 is into cooking & another 1 is into piloting....but both share the same thots~


Eventho i'm in no position to made any remarks bout this (coz i haven't graduated yet..CANT WAIT!)
But most of my friends are & they also think the same way~

Abah told me that he wants me to pursue my degree in somthing else ( i cant even recall what is it, but something boring for sure!)

I can't defy him this time coz my chances are WAY over...i BEGGED him to let me do architecture instead of some boring TEACHING course (yeap, he wants to be a teacher)
I couldn't bare the idea of leading a dull, static life for 30 or more years, so i repulse for the 1st time EVER in my life~

I've always been the silent, obedient daughter..but that day, i gotta do something~ And surprisingly, it works!
My parents reluctantly agreed on my decision with 1 condition :
That was my intention from the very beginning, but now................... They couldn't even trust me anymore~

ARCHITECTURE took away SO darn much, but in return gave me back a HUGE favour...

The priceless knowledge & the experience of LIFE~
There are too many memories i wouldn't exchange for ANYTHING at all in this world...
Tears & laughter are part & parcel of it...friendship & love, misery & success~

So my dear fellow archi students, cherish ur life as a 'miserable- sometimes stinky-not sleeping for weeks' days coz surely, u will miss it...

But whatever it is, LIFE must go on~

NU & improved template???

Posted by miera angela 8:20 AM

i spend the last few hours searching & trying 2 figure out on how to change my blog's layout~
i took more time bcoz of the EXCEPTIONALLY slow internet connection....
(sorry mr.apek, not ur fault..its ur broadband)

Even to find the 'right' one is a challenge itself~
Excited, i browsed thru which seems like a GAZILLION of templates until i found the 1 that i like...
Downlaoads took about a few HOURS, figuring out on how 2 upload it on my blog, bla bla bla & VOILA!
: a blog template unlike the one that i fell DEEPLY in LOVE with~
i was TOTALLY deceived by the website...
but after wasting half of the night on something that leads me to an utterless DEVASTATION in the end, i just couldn't be bothered anymore...........................

So people, hope u like it!
(-_-) ..........

makan, makan & MAKAN!!!

Posted by miera angela 4:01 AM

GOSH! i need 2 stop EATING!!! seriously~ i gained a few kilos in just a few weeks~ (i blame u 4 stuffing me mr.APEK!)

last thursday me & mr.apek went jogging @ a park in TTDI (can't remember the name) i told him 2 come at 6, but instead he overslept & keep waiting for 2 HOURS!!! putting that aside, we arrived @ around 9 (yes, quite late to start jogging).. thank goodness they are still many people there & its not SCORCHING hot~ it was a beautiful day...
U see, i haven't jog or do any kind of so-called 'EXERCISE' in YEARS! (yes people,YEARS) i started out slow walking uphill, but when its downhill, its PECUT time! while reminiscing during my athlete days @ school, i ran all da way down & felt proud of myself.. "not so bad for a PENCEN runner" (o' god was im CLUELESS dat im gonna suffer da CONSEQUENCES when i got back home!) *my legs still haven't fully recover thou* tu la, BAJET handal lagi..PADAN MUKA! =(
after sweating like a *beep* , mr.apek suggested we eat breakfast at a nasi lemak restaurant in uptown~

so there we were, bunch of stinky kids still in sweatpants & tracks eating nasi lemak with AYAM GORENG,SAMBAL SOTONG etc...
(yup, all dat sweats from jogging were USELESS!)
i ordered a drink called 'MILO DINOSAUR" its all in the branding to attract customers, but this milo is 1 GIGANTIC dino INDEED~ (yum-may!) later that evening was a trip to da local UPTOWN cendol & pasemboq mamak.(a treat from his dad) *thanx uncle! =)* i was EXTREMELY bloated!

Even today, my day started out with da o-so-fattening KFC's dinner plate with cheezy wedges! (courtesy of kakkayoo & ing)
then, YANA (my room mate) cook potato sambal & rice for lunch~ Later that evening, me & yana indulged ourselves in some JERUK & leftovers KUIH RAYA!

even I AM tired 2 list down everything that i stuffed in this week! let alone eat them~ dear GOD, give me da strength to undergo a SERIOUS healthy diet for ONCE! =S

a day out & about~

Posted by miera angela 3:26 AM

last sunday was a FULL day out...
from am - pm (eventho mr. apek is LATE!)

first, its not-so-lunch at ZANMAI sushi in O.U, (SO bloated after dat)
then our plan to CURVE gotta be canceled coz of da HEAVY-as-hell rain...
*miss da oh-so-cheap flea market there..(T_T)*
Next is a trip back 2 Damansara Jaya coz for a convoy with his family 2 his tok mok n wan's house in P.J..(makan lagi......................)
*thanx atok & wan 4 da great delicacies! \(^_^)/*
After dat is back 2 O.U with his not-so-lil cuz, HANIS (yg malas nak study for his SPM SOON!)
2 buy tix 2 watch PAPADOM @ 11.30...

So,there we were,still got 2 hours to spare until movie time~
we decided 2 satisfy our long awaited search for good waffles @ Waffle World!
*they have da best strawberry waffle & a MEAN banana split!*
Still have PLENTY of time till movie starts, we went 2 CURVE just 2 BOWL!
(but i'm da LOSER as expected~=p)
Hanis,(da high scorer) got THREE strikes in 1 GAME! *yikes!*
lepas tu, layankan diorang main fusball (is that da right spelling???)

My apek is such a LOSER as well (dats y we are together kot~)
so i decided to switch side n be HANIS' supporter..=p (mean, i know...)
Owh, btw,i got free LOLLIPOP from my cuz who works at da bowling's cafe!
(thanx iwan!)

FINALLY, @ 11 we went back 2 O.U for PAPADOM! (da story is not so bad)
congrats AFDLIN!
but SADLY, my apek SLEPT & SNORED loudly halfway thru da movie!
(unbelievable, i know~)
u r such a SLEEPY HEAD, u know dat?

i arrived home @ around 3++ a.m coz i have 2 wait 4 mr.SLEEPY HEAD 2 really WAKE UP from his bed at home & send me back!
(poor hanis was forced 2 accompany mr.apek 2 shah alam coz he was afraid of 'sleepdriving')

it was SO darn tiring, but such a fun & fulfilling day~ (& nite...)
don't mind doing it again & again & AGAIN....=)


Posted by miera angela 2:56 AM

After a LONG wait,i'm finally trying to REblog again... Bukan apa,its just dat im not so keen on having 2 many 'commitments' online~
with da urge 2 update frequently & bla bla bla...
(Facebook is enuff 2 LITERALLY glue my face on da screen for HOURS!)

But it seems like a great idea 2 have another "medium" of self-analogue of my experience & thots....so, yeah~

Nuff said,im finally here again...(YEAY!)
so people,give me some lurve & support kay!
may THIS blog will last...