i miss Y.O.U!

Posted by miera angela , Monday, November 30, 2009 6:01 AM

It has been a while since i got my fingers to type for this blog coz i've been SO busy with practical training & my DEAREST lappy's wireless broke down so i can't steal some time in the office to surf the net..(DARN!)

So i have to lift my tired ass (from sitting all day long in the office)to go to the nearest cyber cafe just to vanquish my jitters for the internet~

6 weeks of practical training is going to KILL me!
1 week down, 5 more to go...GOSH!
feels like 4eva!

And that also means 6 weeks apart from Mr.Apek~
(kinda miss him...ok,i admit..not kinda, but REALLY miss HIM!)

this weekends is gonna be extremely hectic as hell coz i have tonnes of things to do & loads of places to go...

cousin's wedding, another cousin's wedding, mama's wedding..(Oops~)

But right now, all i ever wanted is to get away from all of this mess, go back to Shah Alam & lead a life which im FAMILIAR with...

Wish i could FAST FORWARD time........

2 Response to "i miss Y.O.U!"

qp N Says:

gosh.. ciannye.. ohwell~

miera angela Says:

anda pon sama gak~
so,gud luck 2 ya!
*wink wink*

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