makan, makan & MAKAN!!!

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, November 3, 2009 4:01 AM

GOSH! i need 2 stop EATING!!! seriously~ i gained a few kilos in just a few weeks~ (i blame u 4 stuffing me mr.APEK!)

last thursday me & mr.apek went jogging @ a park in TTDI (can't remember the name) i told him 2 come at 6, but instead he overslept & keep waiting for 2 HOURS!!! putting that aside, we arrived @ around 9 (yes, quite late to start jogging).. thank goodness they are still many people there & its not SCORCHING hot~ it was a beautiful day...
U see, i haven't jog or do any kind of so-called 'EXERCISE' in YEARS! (yes people,YEARS) i started out slow walking uphill, but when its downhill, its PECUT time! while reminiscing during my athlete days @ school, i ran all da way down & felt proud of myself.. "not so bad for a PENCEN runner" (o' god was im CLUELESS dat im gonna suffer da CONSEQUENCES when i got back home!) *my legs still haven't fully recover thou* tu la, BAJET handal lagi..PADAN MUKA! =(
after sweating like a *beep* , mr.apek suggested we eat breakfast at a nasi lemak restaurant in uptown~

so there we were, bunch of stinky kids still in sweatpants & tracks eating nasi lemak with AYAM GORENG,SAMBAL SOTONG etc...
(yup, all dat sweats from jogging were USELESS!)
i ordered a drink called 'MILO DINOSAUR" its all in the branding to attract customers, but this milo is 1 GIGANTIC dino INDEED~ (yum-may!) later that evening was a trip to da local UPTOWN cendol & pasemboq mamak.(a treat from his dad) *thanx uncle! =)* i was EXTREMELY bloated!

Even today, my day started out with da o-so-fattening KFC's dinner plate with cheezy wedges! (courtesy of kakkayoo & ing)
then, YANA (my room mate) cook potato sambal & rice for lunch~ Later that evening, me & yana indulged ourselves in some JERUK & leftovers KUIH RAYA!

even I AM tired 2 list down everything that i stuffed in this week! let alone eat them~ dear GOD, give me da strength to undergo a SERIOUS healthy diet for ONCE! =S

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the Jobless Says:

mira da ade blog.. fira follow yeh?

miera angela Says:

sila sila~

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