Let's DRESS up!

Posted by miera angela , Monday, November 9, 2009 5:00 PM

I went on a date with Mr.Apek's last weekend (& a FINE weekend indeed!)with an original intention to go on a little picnic at a nearby park.But it was POURING all day long,so we have to cancel our plan~
Instead,we went to Amcorp Mall to find something for his grandpa's birthday..
After a few rounds, we bump across this leather shop called RUSHAI & went in to check it up...

If ur an aspiring COWBOY, this is THE place to be...almost EVERYTHING is made out of what else,LEATHER!
After some time time browsing,i came across this weird looking piece of garment..
Curious, i picked it up & to my astonishment,it is NOTHING like what i've before~
That piece of garment is so HUMONGUS,it could fit both of us!
It's an interesting looking drawstring pants, kinda fashionable & stylish...
Hard to explain on how to wear them, but u have to fold, tie, roll it & TADAH!
it will look like this:

very, VERY comfy though~ (>_<)
So,we decided it will be a GREAT gift for his grandpa & we bought it!

After a long day, we went back to his house to rest for a while before going to his grandpa's to give his UNEXPECTED gift..
Then, i saw this stack of never-seen-before clothing in his wardrobe & i decided to try it out..This is the result.....

fun fun FUN!!!
(YES, i'm wacky sometimes,I know..but hey, who isn't???)

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