Evacuation Process!

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, November 30, 2010 9:52 AM

I've been struggling for a few days now to pack & move my stuffs from Shah Alam.
Because i wanna live with my Mama in JB, i was forced to segregate my stuffs into two.
1 part that i wanna leave at my dad's in Muar & 1 that i need to bring to Mama's
(It's hard having more than 1 home ya know...)

I even have to drag Mr.Apek to help me & sort things out!

My other biggest problem is that i have to pay the December rent if  my stuffs are still there on the 1st of December.
CRAZY ah???

I am NOT willing to pay a fortune just to place my stuffs there for a while~
So, i had to separate my stuffs to 4 different places because there are just too many!
(especially my 4 LUGGAGE full of clothes that still hasn't include a box full of bags & shoes)

We haven't eat the whole day & had burnt all of our calories on moving those SUPER DUTY stuffs~
Then, where else is a better place for two savagely tired & famished people to satisfy their deepest desire than Carl's Jr. HEAVEN!

Both of us ordered a combo meal with an additional Chili Fries and miraculously, we managed to finish them all...
(o' boy aren't we hungry!)

So now, i could breathe easily as another job on my to-do-list was a success...
Tomorrow, i am going back home to settle out yet another queue on my list.

Wait for me Mama!!!

B-B-Q Mania!

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, November 23, 2010 9:04 AM

 We cooked,
We posed,
We jumped,
We ate,
We laughed,

in the midst of smoke

got smoke in our eyes
Thank you lovely friends for the BEST barbecue EVER  to mark our last semester....
We had so much fun even before the eating part! (because usually that is when the party starts~)
Till we meet again~
Best wishes to all!

I'm a ST★R!

Posted by miera angela , Friday, November 19, 2010 7:04 AM

My lil'cousin, Faisal entered a singing competition called

on Astro Ceria (channel 611) so me, akak & his family went to watch his first performance last Saturday~

We were told by the management to be there by 11a.m because they are gonna start shooting at 2p.m.
So my anxious uncle forced us to be there early and we were there by 10 a.m!

After more than 5 hours of waiting & falling down from my chair ( i will always find a way to embarrassed myself in PUBLIC!), we finally went in to the studio.
my first time in a REAL studio... so JAKUN!
We were so in high spirit, we brought hand-made posters that i made that morning itself!

The show went on and on for almost 4 hours. It is amazingly long considering it is just a 30 minutes show!
We were forced to shout & clap over & over again until our palms are sore...

We were the littlest supporter (only 6 of us) compared to other contestant but oh boy!
don't we cheer the loudest!
Especially when the judges announced that my cousin is the first weekly winner!!!

The recorded show was telecast today at 5.30 & 9 p.m.
My face was featured more on TV compared to rock legend, Amy Search who was their mentor...
So don't forget to watch my cousin ( and me) every Friday 5.30 & 9 p.m on Astro Ceria & astro Prima!
I guess i AM popular now~


Justea OH Justea...

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, November 10, 2010 6:54 AM

Tonight, i scoured highs and lows for one thing and ONE thing only..

The PURPLE Justea!

This Green Tea and Grape with Aloe Vera bits concoction is my ALMOST daily necessity.
You can say i AM kinda addicted to it but HEY!
This lil' fella is not bad for your health (except when consume excessively, of course~)

And including today, i haven't had my dose for almost THREE days now & i am going CRAY-ZEH!!!

GOD, all i'm asking is a just 1 little can......
Perhaps i need to stock up~


Food Reviews Around Shah Alam

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, November 9, 2010 2:26 AM

This is my first EVER food reviews.
To those who knows me, they will also know my undying love for foods!

So this time i will share my favourite dig out spot around Shah Alam

1) Kamal's Corner, Pusat Komersial Sek.7 : Garlic Cheese Naan

My favourite supper!
Man, it tastes like PIZZA...

2) Laksa Utara & Cendol Pulut, Seksyen 7 (next to MO'MEN)
This is the best laksa (next to my mama's) that i can find here...
This little stall offers authentic northern style Laksa & various Cendols.
My evening quick fix~

3) Asiari, SACC Mall, Shah Alam.

Their lunch set is SO affordable & SO delicious!
Starting from around 10 bucks, u can get all of the above including ice lemon tea...
But my personal fav is the MANGO FRAPPE~



Posted by miera angela , Friday, November 5, 2010 9:05 AM

The blog title may look like i'm a Math disaster, but i am so NOT!
It is actually the best way to describe 2 persons' life~
(Me & Mr.Apek's)

I like to read,
But he doesn't.

I know everything,
But he doesn't.

I love to look at the stars,
But he never cares.

He sleeps all day,
But I can't.

I am a clean freak,
But he's not.

He irons every T-shirt he's gonna wear , 
But i couldn't care less.

He thinks he is funny,
But he's not. (trust me...)

He farts,
I burped.


But who else is willing to sing loudly & do a silly dance in the the car with me while others looked?
Who else is willing to Tango with me in the living room following the songs on MTV?
Who else will let me call him ugly, hairy & whatever names i could think of & still laugh about it?
Who else will stuff me with ice-creams & chocs whenever i am sad?
Who else is going to give me flowers on my birthday?
Who else will come in the middle of the night when i am SUPER hungry? (which is ALL THE TIME)

Who else?
Who else??

I could list down everything but everything won't be able to describe our complicated & complex live.
But when there is YOU & ME, the World is ours...

We are like Heaven & Earth but our strong feelings glued us together~

May we will be together for a 100 more years to come... 

A tribute to En.Yacob

Posted by miera angela , Monday, November 1, 2010 8:22 AM

Too many deaths this year & this is my third...
Last Saturday marked another big turning point in my life where someone important in my life was taken away forever...
I was SO shocked when i heard about the news & can't stop crying.
Out of all people, i just never expected this..
I am sorry for not coming to your funeral but i will give the world to be there!

He was not only a lecturer, but he was a guider, confidante & most of all, he was a friend~
I've known him since my early years as an architecture students where he was my studio master & had been close to him since then.

He always will give you a helping hand whenever you need it & will always try his very best to untangle any problems.
He doesn't mind chilling with anyone because he is humble & down to earth.
He will NAG at you whenever he sees you doing nothing because i know he cared SO much about his students.

He once told me the last time we met that he doesn't want to see my face again next semester & i guess he really won't...

They say GOD is only lending GREAT people to us to make our lives better.
Well i guess that is so true.
I really don't have anything bad to say about him because he REALLY is a nice man~

I miss your nagging already sir.....

R.I.P En.Yacob...