Evacuation Process!

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, November 30, 2010 9:52 AM

I've been struggling for a few days now to pack & move my stuffs from Shah Alam.
Because i wanna live with my Mama in JB, i was forced to segregate my stuffs into two.
1 part that i wanna leave at my dad's in Muar & 1 that i need to bring to Mama's
(It's hard having more than 1 home ya know...)

I even have to drag Mr.Apek to help me & sort things out!

My other biggest problem is that i have to pay the December rent if  my stuffs are still there on the 1st of December.
CRAZY ah???

I am NOT willing to pay a fortune just to place my stuffs there for a while~
So, i had to separate my stuffs to 4 different places because there are just too many!
(especially my 4 LUGGAGE full of clothes that still hasn't include a box full of bags & shoes)

We haven't eat the whole day & had burnt all of our calories on moving those SUPER DUTY stuffs~
Then, where else is a better place for two savagely tired & famished people to satisfy their deepest desire than Carl's Jr. HEAVEN!

Both of us ordered a combo meal with an additional Chili Fries and miraculously, we managed to finish them all...
(o' boy aren't we hungry!)

So now, i could breathe easily as another job on my to-do-list was a success...
Tomorrow, i am going back home to settle out yet another queue on my list.

Wait for me Mama!!!

4 Response to "Evacuation Process!"

shah Says:

it was MASSIVELY MESSY!!!!! sweet! but never gonna do it again... ;p

miera angela Says:

i thot u liked it?

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