Posted by miera angela , Friday, November 5, 2010 9:05 AM

The blog title may look like i'm a Math disaster, but i am so NOT!
It is actually the best way to describe 2 persons' life~
(Me & Mr.Apek's)

I like to read,
But he doesn't.

I know everything,
But he doesn't.

I love to look at the stars,
But he never cares.

He sleeps all day,
But I can't.

I am a clean freak,
But he's not.

He irons every T-shirt he's gonna wear , 
But i couldn't care less.

He thinks he is funny,
But he's not. (trust me...)

He farts,
I burped.


But who else is willing to sing loudly & do a silly dance in the the car with me while others looked?
Who else is willing to Tango with me in the living room following the songs on MTV?
Who else will let me call him ugly, hairy & whatever names i could think of & still laugh about it?
Who else will stuff me with ice-creams & chocs whenever i am sad?
Who else is going to give me flowers on my birthday?
Who else will come in the middle of the night when i am SUPER hungry? (which is ALL THE TIME)

Who else?
Who else??

I could list down everything but everything won't be able to describe our complicated & complex live.
But when there is YOU & ME, the World is ours...

We are like Heaven & Earth but our strong feelings glued us together~

May we will be together for a 100 more years to come... 

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