Food Reviews Around Shah Alam

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, November 9, 2010 2:26 AM

This is my first EVER food reviews.
To those who knows me, they will also know my undying love for foods!

So this time i will share my favourite dig out spot around Shah Alam

1) Kamal's Corner, Pusat Komersial Sek.7 : Garlic Cheese Naan

My favourite supper!
Man, it tastes like PIZZA...

2) Laksa Utara & Cendol Pulut, Seksyen 7 (next to MO'MEN)
This is the best laksa (next to my mama's) that i can find here...
This little stall offers authentic northern style Laksa & various Cendols.
My evening quick fix~

3) Asiari, SACC Mall, Shah Alam.

Their lunch set is SO affordable & SO delicious!
Starting from around 10 bucks, u can get all of the above including ice lemon tea...
But my personal fav is the MANGO FRAPPE~


4 Response to "Food Reviews Around Shah Alam"

Illi Hzbull Says:

I setuju sesangat dgn laksa tuh !
sangat lah sedap...! love it

miera angela Says:

u should try the rest then...

Illi Hzbull Says:

i will ! makan makan makan !
hehe, thanks for sharing

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