KLUE-less Urbanites

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, June 27, 2010 12:18 PM

Yesterday, I rushed back to Shah Alam all the way from Muar just to catch up with one of the most anticipated event in K.L, KLUE's Urbanscapes~
( Please don't tell my parents =p)

Me & Mr.Apek arrived later that evening & stayed until night...
We went for the late Yasmin Ahmad's tribute screening of Mualaf & decided to leave after an hour (eventhough it is a good movie but we have limited time to spare)
After some time, i just realized that i had left my pakage containing some pastries & cupcakes inside.
We went back in the screening area but someone had stole our Wondermilk Cupcakes & i haven't even had a bite!!!

Later at night, we head out to Naz's house to eat for FREE at his barbecue party ( Thanks Naz!)
We saved our tummy since noon just for that by the way~

New semester is going to start next week~
Looking back, i think i had a full & content semester break with loads of fond memories & experiences...

Describe moments of you when your happy?

Posted by miera angela , Monday, June 21, 2010 6:58 AM

to me, every living day is a bliss~

Bring it on!

im ur mr apek and im gonna tell u this; i miss u b! :)

Posted by miera angela 6:57 AM

is dat even a question dear???

Bring it on!

J.B foods 101 (PART 3)

Posted by miera angela , Saturday, June 19, 2010 8:19 AM

**OK, i lied, its a 3 part post, not 2..Hey, i already told u its a LONG STORY**

Was getting ready & suddenly the phone rang...

We're HERE!

I haven't even ironed my shirt...
It's a good thing i've showered & packed~ 

The poor folks had to listen to Mama telling them all about our life ( from A-Z) while waiting for me...
(YES, Mama is EXTREMELY friendly...don't say i didn't warn u..) 

So, after offering the folks a drink, we head out to J.B in search of local delicacies~
(i kept bragging to them that J.B has all the GOOD & CHEAP FOODS~) 


Very famous among J.B-ans. 
It is actually a thick gravy mixture of minced beef, beans & spices. U eat it with a thick toasted bread...
HO - LIAO!!! 

The always -hungry-lads ordered otak-otak & sizzling chicken chop to accompany the 'Main Course'
And everything disappeared in matter of MINUTES!

Then, we continued our journey to J.B pride, City Square!

But it was raining along the way & our ride got into a little accident on the slippery road...
The Amoi who bang our car was "gentleman" enough to take the blame & pay for the damage...
The boys was trying to act cool in front of this cute Amoi~

Thank GOD it was not THAT serious & most importantly that everyone is fine~

Inside, i managed to persuade them to try my favorite place to have egg tarts!
mouth watering?
wait till u see this: 

Tantalizing enough???
(Naz couldn't take the temptation of the chicken so he decided to Tapau)

Feeling thirsty after walkng for a while, i decided to have my all time FAV Roibo's Pearl Milk Tea!


We went to J.B's take on Sungei Waing Plaza inside this mall called the Innercity...
This section got some really rare & cheap finds...
pretty KEWL!

So, Mr.Apek got himself a KEWL underground brand T-shirt while naz got a sandal...

I managed to persuade the tourists for some taste of my all time favourite bakery in the entire country, Season's~

I just need to get my hands on those Fruity cream puffs ( with REAL fruits, mind u..)


*no pics, SORRY*

With our tummy full & happy, we are ready to head on to Muar for another Foods Adventure...
Can't wait to do this again!!!


Ther goes my so-called diet.....
*all the pics in this post was googled coz we just couldn't bother to snap pics while enjoying these heavenly foods...

A day of happiness, shock & misery (PART 2)

Posted by miera angela 7:31 AM

 Mama had asked for my help the day before to help out at her stall in the morning because her partner is on vacation.
So i woke up at 4 A.M to help mama set up her lil stall selling breakfast. It was extremely cold ( it was a good thing i hadn't showered before that =p )

At around 7.30 A.M, it was still quite gloomy & windy.
Mama said that perhaps it is going to rain...
And after a few minutes, it was RAINING~

The wind was very strong & while Mama tries to hold the big umbrella from falling, she herself fell....
Poor Mama...
I screamed for her & quickly help her out...
both of us were drenched in rain while trying to hold on to whatever that we could from flying away~
I almost cried but i pretended to be strong for Mama's sake~ 

Thank goodness the storm was not for long....
After we had sold out all the foods, we head back home...


**********End of Part 2********** 

A day of happiness, shock & misery (PART 1)

Posted by miera angela 7:04 AM

OK, i had never done a 2 part post before but trust me, its gonna be an UBER long post & u people might not finish reading by bedtime...
So, here we go!

On wednesday nite, i got a few calls & messages on my cell from Mr.Apek asking when will i be back home to Muar. By that time, i could already smell something fishy was going on... (YES, i have a super strong instinct!)
So, i called Mr.Apek back & asked him :" Where are u?"
He said that he was not sure~
Then i asked him again: "Are u coming to J.B?"




Finally he spilled the beans...
He was somewhere in Muar with his bestie Naz & Naz's lil cuz planning to surprise me on Thursday morning...

No wonder he kept asking for my address!
I can already sense it by that time, i SWEAR to GOD!
(YES, i spoiled the surprise but don't blame me having a super strong instinct...)

I was screaming with joy & quickly rushed to the kitchen & tell Mama.
My feet was of the ground my head is on"Cloud Nine"~

I was SOOPA DOOPA excited & happy because i haven't seen him for about 2 weeks now ( it may not seem long to u people, but to me it feels like a LIFETIME! **exaggeration intended**)

Mama just watched & smiled.....

**********End of Part 1**********

Rusted Market????

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, June 13, 2010 10:54 AM

Since last Friday, i had been following mama to the weekend 'PASAR KARAT' near Pasir Gudang.
(but we didn't go on Saturday coz the car broke down & i went out for a reunion with my friends)

It was an hour drive from our house & i have to sit at the back with tonnes of other stuffs which left me with a very tiny space to move (can't even put my legs down~)

Prisoner me~

We were quite early today but it was raining heavily. So we were the first there~
We started at around 5 & wrapped up at 11 p.m

Not many people was there as it was quite new & the organizer's lack of promotion...
But the sale was OK compared to Friday ( which was VERY, VERY bad)

I sold some of my stuffs from my Closet POP! & mama sold her aromatherapy perfumes with some woman's accessories~
It was very tiring but i guess it was worth it because i managed to get some extra pocket money...

Our lil spot from day

Till night...

Friends Forever...

Posted by miera angela , Saturday, June 12, 2010 2:42 PM

Some said, a picture is worth a 1000 words...
Some even said that the greatest SHIP is friendSHIP~
If we connect the dots & put it all together, this is what it will look like :

14 years ago...
can u spot me????


2 years is all it takes for a friendship to last a lifetime~ 
And after 14 long years, we still love each other like we were never apart...
Thanx girls.... =)

HAIR-y issue~

Posted by miera angela , Friday, June 11, 2010 11:22 AM

Dear Hair,
Could u please please please grow longer, faster...
Eventhough it is extremely hot hot hot in Shah Alam & i said that i can't no longer stand long hair before, i take it back~
I miss u so dearly because i think that u made me looked HOTTER than Shah Alam's weather...

I promise that i will take very good care of u & i will not cut u (even if i want to, BADLY!)

I guess i just have to bear with it....


Pregger????? NEVA!!!!

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, June 9, 2010 8:44 PM

After seeing my sis's pregnancy, it kinda freak the hell out of me....
it's UG-LEYH!!!

I mean, it ain't easy u gotta admit...

Can i adopt instead???

But then again, nothing beats the joy of being a mother to your own child, right???
Hmm...looks like its the price that we girls gotta pay~

It's not easy being a lady u know!!!

So, all u men out there,


Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, June 8, 2010 10:58 PM

Remember my Birthday wish list? ( well, i got NONE if them)
Topping my list is this cool baby in blue~

golden half Chelsea Maika edition

Then recently, when i revisited the site selling all of these cool Lomo cam, The Click Shop, i bumped into this cute stuff!

Golden Half Hello Kitty edition

And i was going KRA-ZEYH!!!!!!!!!!

U're MINE Kitty!!!

My HAPPY-ness List

Posted by miera angela , Monday, June 7, 2010 10:43 PM

The 10 little things that NEVER fails to put a smile on my face:

1. CATS!!!
2. Ice- cream
3. Beautiful scenery
4. Chocolates
5. A beautiful day
6. Teddy bears
7. Friends & families
8. A good story
9. Flowers
10. My dear MR. APEK ♥♥♥

So, what's your HAPPY-ness list??? 

In the pursuit if HAPPY-ness~

Posted by miera angela 10:29 PM

As i stumbled upon this yesterday, it really made me think....
Why is it as we grow older, we tend to neglect everything that really matters the most~
Our innocence...

Everyone is on a stampede to pursue happiness but we ourselves turned a blind eye on what is in front of us...
The little things that could make us happy~

Sometimes u don't have to chase the big job or the fat paycheck...
Too me money is just one of the tools in achieving happiness, but they are NOT happiness!

So, we need to open our eyes wide to those that we had abandoned all these years that really could make us HAPPY~

And now, TwitPic!

Posted by miera angela 11:59 AM

Just meddling around with some new stuffs on the net & TwitPic is my latest victim~

So here is my first EVER post on TwitPic
(Just click the pic to follow me if u wanna...)

SOOO in � this dress but apparently doesn't quite suit me a... on Twitpic
SOOO in ♥ this dress but apparently doesn't quite suit me as i thot it would~ 
Oh well, to Closet POP u go! =p

Tonight's keep-me-awake- theme~ like like LIKE!!!

Posted by miera angela 11:16 AM

Once again i had failed miserably in my attempt to sleep earlier than usual~
As i browsed through YouTube in boredom, (as always) i stumbled upon these cool vids!


Isn't it amazing with what u can do with simple everyday objects?

Aaaahhhh....The power of CREATIVITY~

Enjoy peeps!


Posted by miera angela 9:58 AM

i heart u 2 hun~
(if u r shah rezwan la..)
but, r u????

Bring it on!

zzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz....erm, WHAT?????

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, June 6, 2010 1:11 PM

.:because i feel like such an insomniac, when i'm far too tired to fall asleep~:.

The lyrics from Owl City's Fireflies could really relate to what i am experiencing right now... 

I wish i could stop being an OWL and just zzzzzZZZZZzzzzz.....

Weekends of Weddings~

Posted by miera angela 12:50 AM

As i was getting ready this morning for yet another wedding this weekends, i thought of wearing my beloved Kebaya Nyonya~

I ironed by clothes with hopes that i will look smashing at the wedding!

I put on the Kebaya & OHMIGAWD!

I look like i was  wearing a body suit (or sarung nangka as mama reckoned~) because it was TIGHT!
The buttons looks like it is screaming to pop off!

I went out & showed my sis~
She said ; U're not FAT! Its the clothes that has shrunk~

Thanx a lot Akak!

I had to held my breath at the wedding just to make sure my buttons doesn't escape...
Thank GOD i was not that hungry...So i could minimise my food intake~


 This nicely fit kebaya is now CHOKING ME!

WANTED : Breaks, Holidays or Vacations~

Posted by miera angela , Friday, June 4, 2010 5:19 AM

When i finally went out the house, an overwhelmed feeling just came rushing in my heart.
Perhaps i'm being too sentimental but i am the type of person who will easily feel attached to something familiar & quite frankly, i don't wanna go back home that long~

I mean, what will i do back home aside from doing a rigorous routine of cleaning & cooking?
I had intended to find a part-time job to support me during both  the holidays & my coming semester
( as i only have 1 FREAKISHLY ANNOYING subject to finish~)
An extra money never hurts right? I can't depend on my family that much coz my dad still has 6 more mouth to feed (excluding his)

Ever since the start of the semester, this is what i've longed for, a BREAK!
but i don't want an ordinary brake...I need a VACATION! a holiday away from it all~

I envied people who could afford to escape their everyday life & leave them behind, even for a while~
I have too many commitments towards my family & myself  ( not to whine ) but i am truly aware that some people are just more privileged than others (thus the name of this blog =p )

Someday, perhaps...

Farewell Lovelies~

Posted by miera angela 5:08 AM

As i  packed my pile of stuffs yesterday in my empty, quite rented house, i sat & think hard on what to bring back home~
I SERIOUSLY can't live without the right pair of shoes or bags & i ULTIMATELY care about my colour coding...
So OBVIOUSLY a pair of shoes & bags is NOT ENOUGH!!!
I narrowed down my choices, carefully hand-picked so that the shoes & bags i brought will match all of my clothing desire~
Just to be on the save side, Black & White can NEVER fail u....
I had to say a bitter farewell to my lovely Chloe's & Mango's but i definitely can't leave my Claiborne's behind.


I wish i had bigger luggage bag coz mine just couldn't accommodate everything~
I had to bring another tote just for my shoes....

See u in JULY dearests.....
U will be deeply missed~