KLUE-less Urbanites

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, June 27, 2010 12:18 PM

Yesterday, I rushed back to Shah Alam all the way from Muar just to catch up with one of the most anticipated event in K.L, KLUE's Urbanscapes~
( Please don't tell my parents =p)

Me & Mr.Apek arrived later that evening & stayed until night...
We went for the late Yasmin Ahmad's tribute screening of Mualaf & decided to leave after an hour (eventhough it is a good movie but we have limited time to spare)
After some time, i just realized that i had left my pakage containing some pastries & cupcakes inside.
We went back in the screening area but someone had stole our Wondermilk Cupcakes & i haven't even had a bite!!!

Later at night, we head out to Naz's house to eat for FREE at his barbecue party ( Thanks Naz!)
We saved our tummy since noon just for that by the way~

New semester is going to start next week~
Looking back, i think i had a full & content semester break with loads of fond memories & experiences...

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