Rusted Market????

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, June 13, 2010 10:54 AM

Since last Friday, i had been following mama to the weekend 'PASAR KARAT' near Pasir Gudang.
(but we didn't go on Saturday coz the car broke down & i went out for a reunion with my friends)

It was an hour drive from our house & i have to sit at the back with tonnes of other stuffs which left me with a very tiny space to move (can't even put my legs down~)

Prisoner me~

We were quite early today but it was raining heavily. So we were the first there~
We started at around 5 & wrapped up at 11 p.m

Not many people was there as it was quite new & the organizer's lack of promotion...
But the sale was OK compared to Friday ( which was VERY, VERY bad)

I sold some of my stuffs from my Closet POP! & mama sold her aromatherapy perfumes with some woman's accessories~
It was very tiring but i guess it was worth it because i managed to get some extra pocket money...

Our lil spot from day

Till night...

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