WANTED : Breaks, Holidays or Vacations~

Posted by miera angela , Friday, June 4, 2010 5:19 AM

When i finally went out the house, an overwhelmed feeling just came rushing in my heart.
Perhaps i'm being too sentimental but i am the type of person who will easily feel attached to something familiar & quite frankly, i don't wanna go back home that long~

I mean, what will i do back home aside from doing a rigorous routine of cleaning & cooking?
I had intended to find a part-time job to support me during both  the holidays & my coming semester
( as i only have 1 FREAKISHLY ANNOYING subject to finish~)
An extra money never hurts right? I can't depend on my family that much coz my dad still has 6 more mouth to feed (excluding his)

Ever since the start of the semester, this is what i've longed for, a BREAK!
but i don't want an ordinary brake...I need a VACATION! a holiday away from it all~

I envied people who could afford to escape their everyday life & leave them behind, even for a while~
I have too many commitments towards my family & myself  ( not to whine ) but i am truly aware that some people are just more privileged than others (thus the name of this blog =p )

Someday, perhaps...

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maldives Says:

holiday and vocation are very important to enjoy the life fully.
maldives holidays

miera angela Says:

i can't agree more!
thanx a lot maldives~

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