Farewell Lovelies~

Posted by miera angela , Friday, June 4, 2010 5:08 AM

As i  packed my pile of stuffs yesterday in my empty, quite rented house, i sat & think hard on what to bring back home~
I SERIOUSLY can't live without the right pair of shoes or bags & i ULTIMATELY care about my colour coding...
So OBVIOUSLY a pair of shoes & bags is NOT ENOUGH!!!
I narrowed down my choices, carefully hand-picked so that the shoes & bags i brought will match all of my clothing desire~
Just to be on the save side, Black & White can NEVER fail u....
I had to say a bitter farewell to my lovely Chloe's & Mango's but i definitely can't leave my Claiborne's behind.


I wish i had bigger luggage bag coz mine just couldn't accommodate everything~
I had to bring another tote just for my shoes....

See u in JULY dearests.....
U will be deeply missed~

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