A day of happiness, shock & misery (PART 1)

Posted by miera angela , Saturday, June 19, 2010 7:04 AM

OK, i had never done a 2 part post before but trust me, its gonna be an UBER long post & u people might not finish reading by bedtime...
So, here we go!

On wednesday nite, i got a few calls & messages on my cell from Mr.Apek asking when will i be back home to Muar. By that time, i could already smell something fishy was going on... (YES, i have a super strong instinct!)
So, i called Mr.Apek back & asked him :" Where are u?"
He said that he was not sure~
Then i asked him again: "Are u coming to J.B?"




Finally he spilled the beans...
He was somewhere in Muar with his bestie Naz & Naz's lil cuz planning to surprise me on Thursday morning...

No wonder he kept asking for my address!
I can already sense it by that time, i SWEAR to GOD!
(YES, i spoiled the surprise but don't blame me having a super strong instinct...)

I was screaming with joy & quickly rushed to the kitchen & tell Mama.
My feet was of the ground my head is on"Cloud Nine"~

I was SOOPA DOOPA excited & happy because i haven't seen him for about 2 weeks now ( it may not seem long to u people, but to me it feels like a LIFETIME! **exaggeration intended**)

Mama just watched & smiled.....

**********End of Part 1**********

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