Posted by miera angela , Sunday, January 31, 2010 6:41 AM

Oh me oh my~
how many of u people has a BF who is a MAMA MIA freak?
i mean who watched that movie for more than 20 TIMES???
Well, HE did!

He could just listen to the songs while doing work...

pasrah jela~

After 10 hours~

Posted by miera angela , Saturday, January 30, 2010 11:37 AM

First day at work, AGAIN!
new job, totally new environment~
This time, i meddle myself in the hospitality industry. (DAYMN! is there nothing dat i cant do? hahaha! sorry for the self-amazement..cant help myself~ =p)
mind u dat i typed this not long after i finished work. (which ends at 2 A.M!)
GOODNESS~ what a HECTIC & tiring week!

Today was also da happiest day in my entire miserable life when someone asked bout my age * guess what??He said that im 18!
Yes people! EIGHTEEN!!!!
My world is filled with colourful flowers & I can hear birds singing next to my ears~

Im in HEAVEN!!!

Never before a person guessed my age & said i look younger ( coz all i got was 25 & someone even said that i looked like I already had a child! DARN! I hate that person!)

Not forgetting my latest LOVE...ABANG RAM, u are such a great entertainer. No wonder people calls u PAPA ROCK~

U!!!! U r da GREATEST!!!!
And after 10 hours of blistered feet (for walking & standing too long not forgetting waering a shoe a size bigger than mine~ kasut pinjam, biasala...=p) , aching back, getting ZITS (4 wearing make-up too long) & twisted shoulders, i only got RM50~

I know lots of people will say it is so not worth it but 2 a desperado like MOI, that 1 piece of blue note means the world. Hey, sumting is better than nothing rite?

Well, I am after all an underprivileged princess~

*wink wink*


FINALLY! but................

Posted by miera angela , Thursday, January 28, 2010 9:21 AM

After weeks of grueling EVER CHANGING designs, sleepless nights & body aches, we managed to submit our design's project 1 this morning. (eventho we're a bit late...)
At least we got NO (diulangi sekali lagi, N.O!) "love notes" from the lecs...(except for the "LATE SUBMISSION" & its in PENCIL! not a MEAN RED MARKER like group A's..HA HA HA! =p)

FUH, what a relief!

As much as i wanted to doze, i still couldn't R.I.P until i finish my research paper assignment & i managed to get it done & over with just now (HURRAH!)

But i STILL can't go to BED coz i'm stuck here in the studio with CIK KIAH waiting for him to finish his structure!!


tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow......

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, January 26, 2010 10:00 PM

submission submission submission submission submission submission submission SUBMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letting go~

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, January 20, 2010 7:26 PM

I'm finally letting u go to find ur own happiness & live ur own live so that u could do the same~
But the memories of us will stay intact inside my brain & nothing could take that away....

I'm saying my final farewell to u & i wish u all the best.



Posted by miera angela 12:02 AM

huh..a word coming from a REJECT!
dah x dapat dah la..dulu sape suruh x FIKIR before u act?
i never even badmouthed u in front of ur frens & families COZ I STILL CARE!
u URSELF know how MUCH i LOVED u...
i could even DIE 4 u....

I BEGGED, but who refuses?

I NEVER asked u for MONEY..u willingly gave them to me. When i refused, u said its ur DUTY..
Its always about YOU YOU YOU!!!

Is it a crime to have someone who cared for me when YOU DON'T???

u CARED?????

do u care when my tears flowed like the river every night?
do u care when i almost got myself killed?
do u care when i missed u so badly every second?
do u care when i can only think bout u & only YOU?
do u care when i went thru HELL?
do u care when i suffered?
do u care when i begged?
do u care when i tried to be nice?
do u care when i CARE???

DO U CARE?????????

& now u want me back~


Birthday wishlist No.1 :

Posted by miera angela , Monday, January 18, 2010 11:13 PM

*hint hint*:

2 more months to go!

ME hungry......

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, January 17, 2010 4:01 AM


The only thing i ate today was a few pieces of sweet potatoes~ (ikhsan dari room mate ku)

GOD, poverty is such a nuisance....
Maybe i should file for bankruptcy~

All time favourite~

Posted by miera angela , Saturday, January 16, 2010 11:10 AM

Something that i haven't heard for a very LOOONNNGGG time~

Jangan kau bimbang sayang
di mana ku berada
dengan siapa ku bersama
jangan bimbang
ku tetap
kau yang punya

Bertukar pandangan, senyum
bersalaman ke sekadar berkawan
dan bila cinta dah mula berputik
ah, tak tidur malam
angan-angan jadi pasangan
dah menjadi kenyataan
yang nyatanya, telah banyak kita harung
adakalanya rasa bebas, kadangkala terkurung
kita pernah berpisah dan kembali
berpisah dan kembali
kembali kerna pengorbananmu kuhargai
hilang separa masa bersama keluarga
teman-teman huru-hara tiada lagi, tata, bye bye
tiada lagi huhu haha
jadi sebagai gantinya lagu ni kau yang punya
yang kau nyanyikan, aku nyanyi juga
tak sempurna, tapi ku kan tetap coba
dan janji-janjimu kujanji juga, yup
kini kau dalam duniaku macam hip hop

Kerjaku memang kejam
punca matamu tak boleh kejam
bermalam, bukan berjam
dimana? dengan siapa kubersama?
berpeluh, bertenaga dengan mic ku berasmara
yang lihat masih menjerit, si genit masih mengenyit
bungkusan dilontar sepuluh digit masih terselit
nah, tidak teruja, mungkin sudah tua
tiada lagi show, kemudian after party
tiada lagi party, kemudian hotel lobi
yang lain masih berpesta
biarkan saja mereka, mereka masih muda
aku ditelefon kalau tak disisimu
dan kalau dengar suara, itu tv atau lagu
jangan bimbang tiada siapa bersamaku
dan jangan bimbang kalau tiada yang berlaku

Satu fakta, dua penipuan
yang pertama kita ambil, dua buang
kenapa mengeluh?
dengar cerita lagi, dah jenuh berkali-kali
komplikasi dalam komunikasi jadi konfrontasi
mulut orang perosak reputasi, pembunuh motivasi
mereka pakar fabrikasi, modifikasi
di depan senyum, belakang dengki
yang cemburu mungkin teman kita sendiri
siapa tahu?
peduli, kita dah semuanya bersama
dah senang bersama, dah susah pun bersama
ketawa bersama, menangis bersama
kubersumpah harap kita mati pun bersama
ke akhirnya

Kuhanya punya kau
hip hop

Kujuga bimbang sayang
di mana kau berada
dengan siapa kau bersama
jangan lupa
kau tetapku yang punya


Posted by miera angela 10:19 AM

I already planned to visit akak today since i couldn't make it last weekend & I intend to bring Mr.Apek along.
So, before we go there this afternoon, i called akak just to make sure that she is home. But to my amazement, she told me she is not home coz she got some Girl Scout thingy to do (for her school) at Brickfields. I was furious for not telling us earlier (coz i already told her like days ago..)
While waiting for her to come back home, we went to eat, mall hopping,window shopping & eat again~
The only thing that we bought was FOODS!

We arrived at Akak's place at around 10 p.m. & hangout there until 11.30.
Tired after a full day out, our dreams of getting back home ASAP was shattered~

When we arrived at the parking area, we realised that there is a big SUV parked exactly behind our car. So we cannot move.
Mr. Apek Tried to honk a gazzilion time but no one came out.
(if it is my way, i'll just knock the car up until the alarm breaks loose to attract the owner, but of course my suggestion was considered too aggressive by him~)

Puzzled, i texted akak & she told me to just push the car because it is normal around her area to double park as parking space are a scarce there & owners will leave their gear free. Then we discovered that her words were SO true. The SUV owner just put a small stone underneath one of his tyres to prevent the car from moving.

So Mr.Apek just lift the tiny stone (without me knowing) & gravity worked its magic. The SUV moved backwards & CRASHED the taxi parked behind it.We couldn't do anything coz it happened in a blink of an eye~
Stunned & dazed, quickly we tried to push the EXTREMELY heavy SUV back forward with all our might & put the stone back under the its tyres.
Luckily nobody saw us (or even bothered). Plus the cab looks like it was already used to THAT kinda incident by the look of its front bumper (or watever u call that, i'm clueless..ha ha)

& in mere seconds, we're a GONER...
Well, they kinda deserve it for double park~

Its like, not everyday that u can knock someone's car & get away with it...
Hmm.......I wonder when can i do it again...

kill kill KILL - The Pierces

Posted by miera angela , Friday, January 8, 2010 5:23 PM

What were you doing in my dream last night
Well I thought I locked that door up tight,Baby.
Well it's a mystery to me
How you keep on slippin'
In my mind…
And it's downright dirty that this 'ol wound
Won't heal with time

Well you could wash my bain
You could tear out my heart
But I would never forget you
You could change my name
I could make a new start
But I would never forget you

And it's kill… kill.. killin' me
It's Kill Kill Kill Kill Killin' me
That I'm still in love with you

Just when I think, I've got you in safe keeping
That’s when your memory, it comes round creepin'
Well it's an ache I can't shake
It's creeped down deep down to my core
But babe I can't fake it, I can't take this heartbreak

Well you could wash my bain
You could tear out my heart
But I would never forget you
You could change my name
I could make a new startBut I would never forget you

And it's Kill… Kill.. Killin' me
It's Kill… Kill…. Killin' me
That I'm still in love with you

(it's killin…. Me)

I asked you please to leave my heart
But you refused to go
I can't take this pain much longer
You insist on teaching me what I already know
Absence made this heart grow fonder


Well you could wash my brain
You could tear out my heart
But I would never forget you
You could change my name
I could make a new start
But I would never forget you

And it's Kill… Kill… Killin' me
It's Kill… Kill… Killin' me
That I'm still in love with you….

The Pierces

1st day : WOMEN & SHOPPING ~

Posted by miera angela 3:54 PM

I finally accepted the job offer because it turned out to be just this weekends.They are having some sort of promotion, that is why they need extra part-timers coz the crowd there is CRAY-ZEE!!
I couldn't see what is in store as i only have to work in a very crampy promotion area.I thot that the boss is silly to hire many of us in a very VERY small space...

Oh boy don't i know..
Lunch time = CHAOS!
The pandemonium created by these working ladies are undescribable...
Its like there is an adrenaline rush hidden deep in their bodies.They do NOT care of whatEVER surrrounding them.They push & pull, crash & burn..The aftermath were DISASTEROUS like Hiroshima after the bombing~

Clothes were EVERYWHERE~
I'm practically speechless during that time & it continued for hours & hours...
My level of energy is emptying so i just let them be~
Staring from afar, away from the CATASTROPHE...
I AM not EXAGERRATING! If only you people could be at the CRIME SCENE~

The moral of the story is, WOMEN are extremely SCAR-REE when there is a SALE!!!!
Especially a VERY cheap ones like my lil'booth..

Friends, please do come if u wanna feel the RUSH!


To work or not to work~

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, January 5, 2010 11:03 PM

This morning, my former employer ( who sacked me without notice & with a ridiculous excuse)
texted me & asked whether i wanna work as a part-timer at her boutique during the weekends. She even increased my daily salary ( by 5 bucks).That makes me think how desperate it is for her to find a worker right now.

The question is, will she sack me again when she found a full-timer or will my service be needed for a long time~
I also think bout how work could affect my studies like last semester because i had to work like 12 hours per day & it was UBER tiring...

But then again, i needed the money~
hmm....dilemma, dilemma, dilemma.........

GOD, show me the right thing to do~


Posted by miera angela 10:41 PM

We stumbled across a new cafe with fancy deco at section 7 just now called Bun-D.
The thing is, it is owned by Bandi Amuk (a local metal band) so we thot to give it a go.

While browsing thru the menu, we were taken aback by the pricey price..Being the optimistic me, i reckoned that the foods are good or it comes in big portion. To our disappointment, when the foods were served, its neither...The foods are small in portion & tasted like smoke. And the presentation...URGH!! undescribable~ it looks like they just throw everything in!

Feeling super hungry, both of just dig in...
And that will be the last of us there~



Yeah BABY!!!

Posted by miera angela , Sunday, January 3, 2010 1:39 PM

Dear boys & girls, my new "baby" is finally complete...
Please visit

This is my first try & I will do my best!Please drop by & give me your sincerest comments & support~

Hopefully everything will be running smoothly, AMIN~


move people! MOVE!!!

Posted by miera angela 9:52 AM

Yesterday was tiring as hell!
Terpaksa ,menjadi buruh contract yang tak bergaji kepada puan Puteri Fairose Saedah yg telah berpindah ke Bukit Baru, Keramat.
Dahla rumah atas puncak bukit, tingkat atas sekali pulak tu (bukan penthouse k)...tingkat 20 weyh!!!
Macam nak tercabut nyawo den ni haa...

Harini tangan bengkak2,pinggang sengal2...
(2 la,sape suruh act macho sangat semalam..semua nak di angkat nya..)

Mama cakap, kalo kuat makan, kerja pon kena la kuat kan?

Bukan apa la kan, kalo diriku ini x melakukan nya, sape lagi nak tolong...Akak tu dahla 'berisi'..

Walau apa pon, harini berjaya gak meredah Pavilion, Cineleisure, Curve & O.U..
*berbangga diri sebentar*