After 10 hours~

Posted by miera angela , Saturday, January 30, 2010 11:37 AM

First day at work, AGAIN!
new job, totally new environment~
This time, i meddle myself in the hospitality industry. (DAYMN! is there nothing dat i cant do? hahaha! sorry for the self-amazement..cant help myself~ =p)
mind u dat i typed this not long after i finished work. (which ends at 2 A.M!)
GOODNESS~ what a HECTIC & tiring week!

Today was also da happiest day in my entire miserable life when someone asked bout my age * guess what??He said that im 18!
Yes people! EIGHTEEN!!!!
My world is filled with colourful flowers & I can hear birds singing next to my ears~

Im in HEAVEN!!!

Never before a person guessed my age & said i look younger ( coz all i got was 25 & someone even said that i looked like I already had a child! DARN! I hate that person!)

Not forgetting my latest LOVE...ABANG RAM, u are such a great entertainer. No wonder people calls u PAPA ROCK~

U!!!! U r da GREATEST!!!!
And after 10 hours of blistered feet (for walking & standing too long not forgetting waering a shoe a size bigger than mine~ kasut pinjam, biasala...=p) , aching back, getting ZITS (4 wearing make-up too long) & twisted shoulders, i only got RM50~

I know lots of people will say it is so not worth it but 2 a desperado like MOI, that 1 piece of blue note means the world. Hey, sumting is better than nothing rite?

Well, I am after all an underprivileged princess~

*wink wink*


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miera angela Says:

it is hard being me~

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