Posted by miera angela , Saturday, January 16, 2010 10:19 AM

I already planned to visit akak today since i couldn't make it last weekend & I intend to bring Mr.Apek along.
So, before we go there this afternoon, i called akak just to make sure that she is home. But to my amazement, she told me she is not home coz she got some Girl Scout thingy to do (for her school) at Brickfields. I was furious for not telling us earlier (coz i already told her like days ago..)
While waiting for her to come back home, we went to eat, mall hopping,window shopping & eat again~
The only thing that we bought was FOODS!

We arrived at Akak's place at around 10 p.m. & hangout there until 11.30.
Tired after a full day out, our dreams of getting back home ASAP was shattered~

When we arrived at the parking area, we realised that there is a big SUV parked exactly behind our car. So we cannot move.
Mr. Apek Tried to honk a gazzilion time but no one came out.
(if it is my way, i'll just knock the car up until the alarm breaks loose to attract the owner, but of course my suggestion was considered too aggressive by him~)

Puzzled, i texted akak & she told me to just push the car because it is normal around her area to double park as parking space are a scarce there & owners will leave their gear free. Then we discovered that her words were SO true. The SUV owner just put a small stone underneath one of his tyres to prevent the car from moving.

So Mr.Apek just lift the tiny stone (without me knowing) & gravity worked its magic. The SUV moved backwards & CRASHED the taxi parked behind it.We couldn't do anything coz it happened in a blink of an eye~
Stunned & dazed, quickly we tried to push the EXTREMELY heavy SUV back forward with all our might & put the stone back under the its tyres.
Luckily nobody saw us (or even bothered). Plus the cab looks like it was already used to THAT kinda incident by the look of its front bumper (or watever u call that, i'm clueless..ha ha)

& in mere seconds, we're a GONER...
Well, they kinda deserve it for double park~

Its like, not everyday that u can knock someone's car & get away with it...
Hmm.......I wonder when can i do it again...

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