FINALLY! but................

Posted by miera angela , Thursday, January 28, 2010 9:21 AM

After weeks of grueling EVER CHANGING designs, sleepless nights & body aches, we managed to submit our design's project 1 this morning. (eventho we're a bit late...)
At least we got NO (diulangi sekali lagi, N.O!) "love notes" from the lecs...(except for the "LATE SUBMISSION" & its in PENCIL! not a MEAN RED MARKER like group A's..HA HA HA! =p)

FUH, what a relief!

As much as i wanted to doze, i still couldn't R.I.P until i finish my research paper assignment & i managed to get it done & over with just now (HURRAH!)

But i STILL can't go to BED coz i'm stuck here in the studio with CIK KIAH waiting for him to finish his structure!!


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