1st day : WOMEN & SHOPPING ~

Posted by miera angela , Friday, January 8, 2010 3:54 PM

I finally accepted the job offer because it turned out to be just this weekends.They are having some sort of promotion, that is why they need extra part-timers coz the crowd there is CRAY-ZEE!!
I couldn't see what is in store as i only have to work in a very crampy promotion area.I thot that the boss is silly to hire many of us in a very VERY small space...

Oh boy don't i know..
Lunch time = CHAOS!
The pandemonium created by these working ladies are undescribable...
Its like there is an adrenaline rush hidden deep in their bodies.They do NOT care of whatEVER surrrounding them.They push & pull, crash & burn..The aftermath were DISASTEROUS like Hiroshima after the bombing~

Clothes were EVERYWHERE~
I'm practically speechless during that time & it continued for hours & hours...
My level of energy is emptying so i just let them be~
Staring from afar, away from the CATASTROPHE...
I AM not EXAGERRATING! If only you people could be at the CRIME SCENE~

The moral of the story is, WOMEN are extremely SCAR-REE when there is a SALE!!!!
Especially a VERY cheap ones like my lil'booth..

Friends, please do come if u wanna feel the RUSH!


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