Posted by miera angela , Saturday, October 16, 2010 1:45 AM

Last Thursday night was my Pre Graduation Dinner.
Me & my mates were shopping like crazy so that we will look our best!
I had to buy EVERYTHING from head to toe because i had no fancy stuffs in my wardrobe...
(as i'm only a t-shirt & jeans kinda gal~)
We went mall hopping for 2 days straight & i accumulated i had walked more than 20km!!!


 A friend helped me a bit with the make-up and this is the result?

She's my make-up artist, LG~
My Dinner Attire

I had a great time with my friends & the food was nice
( except for the speech part *YAWN*)

We took pictures non stop after the event and then continued taking MORE pics at the nearby puclic field.
Everyone keep staring at us because we dresses SO glamorously..
But we didn't really care~

I seriously will miss this bunch of people i've known for quite a while now.

My glamorous days are over...
Now its time 2 get DOWN & DIRTY with drawings!!!

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