Teacher Shida

Posted by miera angela , Friday, October 1, 2010 11:38 AM

Recently, a new phenomenon had landed on Malaysian soil...

The name: 

This bold and exciting teacher that hailed from Parit, Perak had created a huge tidal wave amongst the Malaysian internet community forming a crater along the way, dividing the lovers and the haters...

Personally, i am neither a lover nor a hater but i respect her way of expressing herself and HELL, she's funny!!!

She doesn't really care bout what others said bout her making a fool out of herself  eventhough it seems like almost half of Malaysians are going against her...

People said that she brings shame to the teaching profession but to me as long as she didn't do anything stupid or X-rated, then it is fine...

I really pity her when people say bad thing about her and exposing her flaws.
There is even a hate page on Facebook!

I mean, is it necessary???
just delete or ignore her videos if you don't like it, RIGHT???

This really proves on how gullible and negative Malaysians are~

So please, give some support to our own people for willing to express themselves...

Just go to her YouTube account and laugh your heart out at this one of a kind teacher.



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