Posted by miera angela , Thursday, October 7, 2010 9:02 PM

2 a.m :

I just need to get out of the house~
These workload are really stressing me out!
I was in dire need of some fresh air...

So i took a walk outside, alone...
Walk walk walk wherever my feet took me until i stopped at the nearest bus stop~
While sitting & looking at my phone, a car slowed down from a distance & stopped about 5 metres ahead of me.
One of the 4 passengers suddenly asked me about the location of Section 7, so i just pointed out to my back without saying a word & i continued looking at my phone.

Suddenly, the car reversed right in of my face & the same passenger asked me another question...
"Where is Section 14?"
I just replied that i don't know & looked away~

Deep in my heart, i was telling myself why on Earth are these people still doing here???
Then, the passenger asked again, with a scary face.
"Where are you going? Want a ride?"
*evil grin*

I was completely taken aback & gave the guy a weird reaction.
I was SO ready to lift my legs up & run away...
For a few minutes there, i tried to keep my cool & waited for their next move...

Then i can't take it any longer & i walked away~

I was SO relieved eventhough my hands are still trembling!

On the way back home, all of a sudden a dark coloured car slowed down next to me, opened the window & there comes out the SAME creepy face!!!

I panicked!

But thank GOD there were some people nearby~
So the creepy car just drove away...

It was an experience i NEVER want to have again...


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