Healthy is Wealthy!

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, April 27, 2011 7:03 AM

To some people, the so-called 'healthy foods' are tasteless & unappealing ...
But being the weird me, I LOVE healthy foods!
Not just because it is good for my body but just because I dislike greasy & overly preserved stuffs...
Well, perhaps I'm used to it to because my Mama will feed us balanced & nutritious meal since we were kids.
So to me, fruits & veges are my BFF~

Spreading the words to my friends & families are my favourite past time coz i am very VERY good at convincing people..
But I won't recommend them stuffs that I myself don't love...

So my latest recommendation is this:

Akak bought it first & when I first tried it, its fireworks!
SEDAP tau!!

Very fulfilling & great as a snack too!
I personally prefer the Fruits infused ones because obviously it tastes better than the plain cereal~

Now I even managed to influenced bunch of male co-workers to tried it & they are shocked at the unexpectedly good taste!

You can also follow the 14-days programme if u wanna lose some inches around ur 'fluffy' tummy..

I am SO not paid for this post.
But wouldn't that be splendid!

Strangers, Again...

Posted by miera angela , Monday, April 25, 2011 8:47 AM

A friend of mine actually send this in my FB's inbox...
So I thot of sharing because I think everyone can relate to this in their life~

No matter in which stage U are, there will only be 2 endings:
1. Marriage or
2. Break up

So cherish it while it lasts~

By the way,
the girl in the video is Super HOT!!!


Weekend Escapade

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, April 20, 2011 7:19 AM

This is my first free night since almost last week. So pardon me for the late update...Been too busy with work or enjoying myself~

Last weekend was our buddy, Nazrin's last weekend before going back to Scotland...
So we decided to spend every precious minute with him during the weekends.

On Friday, our friend Alia invited me, Fatso, Nazrin & naz's cousin to a Brazillian themed Capoeira party at Monash U in Sunway.

I rushed home straight from work just to get ready & be there in time. May May even volunteered to help me with my hair~
(Actually this is my first time styling my hair because whenever I tried to style it, It won't last coz my hair is dead straight!)

So, hair's done,
Heels up,
And I am ready to PAR-TAY!

NO! I'm no vampire...blame the flasher!

if u could notice, i bend my knees just so that Fatso will look taller than me~ AHAKS!!!

We arrived quite late there & all the foods were already gone!
Malaysians & free foods...

The performance was brief & looks unprofessional coz all they did is shake their barely there 'ASSETS' in front of people's faces & that is it!
I bet i could do better~
But the music is OH-SOME!
It lasted all night long & I finally got to show my dance moves ( my first time, again...)

After all of the fats burned, we decided to chow in some good Burger Oblong in Kampung Melayu Subang. We chatted & chatted until wee hours about the good ol' days back in school~
(Although I'm not in the same school as theirs)

Then on Saturday, I spend the whole day helping Fatso doing his Design coz supposely he got his final submission on Monday.

Later that night all of us had a sleepover at Naz's place while me & Alia helped Fatso did hi work.
(such a lucky guy!)

The thing when being at Naz's place is, U will never be underfed coz there will always be foods & drinks around the clock!
(there goes my diet~)

He even brought some Scottish produce for us!
super YUM!

We had planned to go cycling for quite some time so we went on Thursday at Bukit Cerakah.
As we arrived, there are oceans of people there. Not really know what is the occasion but oh boy, there is many!

We even had to wait for almost 2 hours just to get our bike!
(due to the 3 pages waiting list)

Its ashamed that Fatso refuse to come with us even after much persuasion because he claimed to be busy with work (eventhough I know he'll end up sleeping~)

I had to pick a gear-less bicycle just because it is the only one with basket for me to put my bag in.

But oh me oh my..
Going up the hill is HELL!!!!!
I regretted my decision every single second going up that steep hill for one full HOUR!

my GEARless bike!

pole dancing with Mr.Porcupine

makanlah buah buahan tempatan

Even my butt is still sore from all of that cycling~

I just hoped that Naz enjoyed himself & brings back good memories to Scotland...

See you in August Nazrin!


Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, April 12, 2011 10:00 AM


Most people will relate it more towards relationships but to me, it is everything about being an adult....
And commitments will also mean one thing and ONE thing only:

And I realised all of this after I started working when I often get headaches every month calculating my budgets.

To me, I personally prefer to call them OBLIGATIONS...
Because I have to oblige to it every single month (or I hoped so)

Study Loans,
Bills, Bills, BILLS!

I am not whining, coz like I mentioned before, OBLIGATIONS comes with ADULTHOOD..
All I need to do is to prepare myself for more invasions of obligations in the near future ~

Like my Dad always said, what most important is that U must have a saving to protect yourself during unexpected events (just in case)

Roadtrip: Manjung YOB!

Posted by miera angela , Monday, April 4, 2011 7:33 AM

Eventhough I was born in Taiping, Perak but i rarely set my foot in the state...
(blame it on the distance)

So everytime I have the chance to go there, I would always hop on for the ride.
Like last weekend when May May ( my house, room & office mate) asked me to follow her back home in Manjung, I was super EXCITED!

We head out on Saturday morning & arrived at about noon...
Watched TV while May was finishing some work that she needed to e-mail out ASAP.
Then, something hairy came to me...

meet RIO! (say HI!)

May's cat is SUPER cute & fluffy && super gedik too!
He will lie down straight away after U touch it... (gedik sangat KAANN??)

After a delicious lunch ( credits to May's mummy cooking skills) we decided to head out to Ipoh for some tour at the mall~
We went to Jusco Kinta City (my first time there)
As usual, bla bla bla SALE bla...
So I gotta do what i had to~

Got some grrreat cheap stuffs and then we headed out to the foodcourt to fuel up our body back on track.

May May & her Mummy pig-ing out (BOY, don't they eat!)

And then, I discovered this!

honeydew ice jelly (SUPERB!)
Well, actually May May did...

Went back to Manjung that evening & May wanted to make her specialty dish:
Seafood Lasagna!
Now That is something I never tasted before...

May May's seafood lasagna! YUM YUM!!!

On Sunday
May's dad brought some gifts from her Granny's house...

lelong lelooonngg!!! FREE durians...

I had to stand the smell all the way to Shah Alam & the odour is still there until NOW!!!

After lunch, May taught me how to drive on her manual car...
Driving is HARD!!!
The car barely moved 10 meters!

On the way back at Bidor, I saw some stalls selling famous local fruits so I knew I just had to buy those juicy & succulent fruits!!!

look at that beaming round face!

We safely arrived in Shah Alam at around 8 & i suddenly had the cravings for some Pak Li's toast since we were in Manjung.. So poor May had to drive me there just for this!

Pak Li's Kaya & Butter toast!

Thank You May May & her family for being so kind & generous to me while I was at their home~