Healthy is Wealthy!

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, April 27, 2011 7:03 AM

To some people, the so-called 'healthy foods' are tasteless & unappealing ...
But being the weird me, I LOVE healthy foods!
Not just because it is good for my body but just because I dislike greasy & overly preserved stuffs...
Well, perhaps I'm used to it to because my Mama will feed us balanced & nutritious meal since we were kids.
So to me, fruits & veges are my BFF~

Spreading the words to my friends & families are my favourite past time coz i am very VERY good at convincing people..
But I won't recommend them stuffs that I myself don't love...

So my latest recommendation is this:

Akak bought it first & when I first tried it, its fireworks!
SEDAP tau!!

Very fulfilling & great as a snack too!
I personally prefer the Fruits infused ones because obviously it tastes better than the plain cereal~

Now I even managed to influenced bunch of male co-workers to tried it & they are shocked at the unexpectedly good taste!

You can also follow the 14-days programme if u wanna lose some inches around ur 'fluffy' tummy..

I am SO not paid for this post.
But wouldn't that be splendid!

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