Roadtrip: Manjung YOB!

Posted by miera angela , Monday, April 4, 2011 7:33 AM

Eventhough I was born in Taiping, Perak but i rarely set my foot in the state...
(blame it on the distance)

So everytime I have the chance to go there, I would always hop on for the ride.
Like last weekend when May May ( my house, room & office mate) asked me to follow her back home in Manjung, I was super EXCITED!

We head out on Saturday morning & arrived at about noon...
Watched TV while May was finishing some work that she needed to e-mail out ASAP.
Then, something hairy came to me...

meet RIO! (say HI!)

May's cat is SUPER cute & fluffy && super gedik too!
He will lie down straight away after U touch it... (gedik sangat KAANN??)

After a delicious lunch ( credits to May's mummy cooking skills) we decided to head out to Ipoh for some tour at the mall~
We went to Jusco Kinta City (my first time there)
As usual, bla bla bla SALE bla...
So I gotta do what i had to~

Got some grrreat cheap stuffs and then we headed out to the foodcourt to fuel up our body back on track.

May May & her Mummy pig-ing out (BOY, don't they eat!)

And then, I discovered this!

honeydew ice jelly (SUPERB!)
Well, actually May May did...

Went back to Manjung that evening & May wanted to make her specialty dish:
Seafood Lasagna!
Now That is something I never tasted before...

May May's seafood lasagna! YUM YUM!!!

On Sunday
May's dad brought some gifts from her Granny's house...

lelong lelooonngg!!! FREE durians...

I had to stand the smell all the way to Shah Alam & the odour is still there until NOW!!!

After lunch, May taught me how to drive on her manual car...
Driving is HARD!!!
The car barely moved 10 meters!

On the way back at Bidor, I saw some stalls selling famous local fruits so I knew I just had to buy those juicy & succulent fruits!!!

look at that beaming round face!

We safely arrived in Shah Alam at around 8 & i suddenly had the cravings for some Pak Li's toast since we were in Manjung.. So poor May had to drive me there just for this!

Pak Li's Kaya & Butter toast!

Thank You May May & her family for being so kind & generous to me while I was at their home~

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