Life after ARCHITECTURE...

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, November 3, 2009 9:12 PM

How to define life after ARCHITECTURE???

I have a few friends who quit architecture & do something that is TOTALLY different afterwards...
1 is into cooking & another 1 is into piloting....but both share the same thots~


Eventho i'm in no position to made any remarks bout this (coz i haven't graduated yet..CANT WAIT!)
But most of my friends are & they also think the same way~

Abah told me that he wants me to pursue my degree in somthing else ( i cant even recall what is it, but something boring for sure!)

I can't defy him this time coz my chances are WAY over...i BEGGED him to let me do architecture instead of some boring TEACHING course (yeap, he wants to be a teacher)
I couldn't bare the idea of leading a dull, static life for 30 or more years, so i repulse for the 1st time EVER in my life~

I've always been the silent, obedient daughter..but that day, i gotta do something~ And surprisingly, it works!
My parents reluctantly agreed on my decision with 1 condition :
That was my intention from the very beginning, but now................... They couldn't even trust me anymore~

ARCHITECTURE took away SO darn much, but in return gave me back a HUGE favour...

The priceless knowledge & the experience of LIFE~
There are too many memories i wouldn't exchange for ANYTHING at all in this world...
Tears & laughter are part & parcel of it...friendship & love, misery & success~

So my dear fellow archi students, cherish ur life as a 'miserable- sometimes stinky-not sleeping for weeks' days coz surely, u will miss it...

But whatever it is, LIFE must go on~

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the Jobless Says:

waaa.. saye suke template blog anda!.. sgt purfect for my blog.. huhuh.. tkpe2.. i tk tiru nye..

miera angela Says:

thanx fira~
tp template ni sebrnarnya lg lawa kot...
dono y after i upload, banyak features hilang~

anupama niroop Says:

hii... i am an architecture my third year tymes i totally regret when i see my techy friends sleeping and enjoying ..and d only thng i crave fr then is a sound sleep...but aftr all those night outs ,the crazy days trying to finalyse ur design once d jury is done..the feel one experience is priceless and den i fall fr architcr all over again..

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