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Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, November 4, 2009 12:53 PM

With tonnes of online boutiques MUSHROOMING on the internet lately really worries me...
This is bcoz i developed the so-called 'online WINDOW shopping' addiction~
(really need to stop...)
The storm of cute dresses,shoes & bags from either Japan or Korea really intrigues my senses....
I could't afford to buy them (obviously~) so i just.....LOOK, STARE & WATCH~
(cuci mata jela...)

Eventho most of the prices are extremely cheap & the stuffs are a rare find, i still prefer to shop in real life!
i mean the FEELING & SENSATION of a real life shopping is TOTALLY different from just buying stuff online..
Plus u could try it on & inspect for any flaws...
LESS risk taken & SATISFACTION guaranteed~
But hey, that's just me...(who am i to judge~)

We can still find cheap, cute stuff if u now where to look for them..
My personal FAV is of course the flea markets or local 'UPTOWN' (& DOWNTOWN)
Its unique, yet affordable stuffs are enough to satisfy every fashion needs~

But, then again, its GOOD business..
Nowadays, people are too busy to go shopping (or too lazy) so they prefer to shop from the convenience of their own home, with just a CLICK....
This makes me think.....we can really make SERIOUS money out of this~
The urge to have my OWN online boutique emerges!!!
I know the sources for cheap finds (being a bargain hunter myself..*credits to me*), got PILES of worn-only-once-or-twice stuffs @ home(rather than giving it to my sis for FREE!)& i think i could establish a good cable of followers thru my FACEBOOK account or my blog ~(i could just FORCE my friends to buy..>=D)
But the REAL problem is MONEY & TIME....

To start a business, we obviously need MONEY & we need TIME to maintain them..But sadly, i lack of both......

my life as an architecture students is hectic enough...but i think i could squeeze some time here & there...another thing is the CAPITAL part...WHERE CAN I FIND ENOUGH MONEY TO START???
Hmm...maybe i need to find myself a SPONSOR...a BAPAK GULA(sugar daddy) perhaps...

Putting all of the negativity aside,INSYAALLAH with tonnes of FAITH,WILL & DETERMINATION,perhaps i could pull it thru~
If all else fails,i could just keep the clothes all to myself anyway~
(MORE clothes for me! YEAY!!)
So, no harm done......

Hmm....well, it is after all, just a thot~ (but a darn PRODUCTIVE one indeed.....)

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Seri Says:

I prefer pegi shopping mall rather than buy it online. I rase kepuasan tue lebih sikit sebab kite dpt tengok/rasa/lihat/try :). E-boutique nie i selalu tengok2 and survey jer sebab ape yg ade dlm tue sometimes ade jer kadang2 dekat mall :D

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