i love FLEAS!!!

Posted by miera angela , Monday, November 9, 2009 5:39 PM

Last weekend,(again~)me, mr.apek, his mum & bro decided to went out & watch PISAU CUKUR.
We went for a big lunch @ MFM (manhattan fish market) in Cineleisure while waiting for our turn~
Still have tonnes of time to spare we splited up coz aunty wanna go to Metrojaya but Mr.Apek doesn't want to~
So,to kill the time, we feel obliged to round the mall~ =p
while doing our rounds, i stumbled upon an indoor flea market
(when there's CHEAP stuff,there's ME!=p)
& i came across with this:

Deeply in love,i bought it without hesitation!(coz it's oh-so-VERY-cheap!!!)

Then, it's MOVIE TIME!
It was unexpected-ly entertaining & funny!
(our local film industry is improving SIGNIFICANTLY!)

before going back, we went through 1 more round in the mall & met aunty's friend's son.He owns a booth selling very nice & affordable BAGS!
Showing her support to the young lad,aunty bought a nice handbag that can also be turned into a backpack! (SWEET!)

The next day, aunty offered me the bag coz she said she already had too many stuff inside her room...
So,the bag is MINE now! (HURRAH!!!)
love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!

6 Response to "i love FLEAS!!!"

Dayangku Nuraini Wahed Says:

how much was "cheap" according to ur definition? haha

miera angela Says:

my cheap is BELOW 20 bucks dayang...
which is very, VERY cheap~

miera angela Says:

nk gak si nizam enterprame!
tenkiu tenkiu...

Alisya Mora Says:

NICE dress and bag :]
This sounds like a lucky day x]

Sorry I haven't been able to comment since i've been following you but I got my computer back :D

miera angela Says:

yup! indeed~
nah....it's ok Alisya..but i'm glad u got ur computer back~

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