a day out & about~

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, November 3, 2009 3:26 AM

last sunday was a FULL day out...
from am - pm (eventho mr. apek is LATE!)

first, its not-so-lunch at ZANMAI sushi in O.U, (SO bloated after dat)
then our plan to CURVE gotta be canceled coz of da HEAVY-as-hell rain...
*miss da oh-so-cheap flea market there..(T_T)*
Next is a trip back 2 Damansara Jaya coz for a convoy with his family 2 his tok mok n wan's house in P.J..(makan lagi......................)
*thanx atok & wan 4 da great delicacies! \(^_^)/*
After dat is back 2 O.U with his not-so-lil cuz, HANIS (yg malas nak study for his SPM SOON!)
2 buy tix 2 watch PAPADOM @ 11.30...

So,there we were,still got 2 hours to spare until movie time~
we decided 2 satisfy our long awaited search for good waffles @ Waffle World!
*they have da best strawberry waffle & a MEAN banana split!*
Still have PLENTY of time till movie starts, we went 2 CURVE just 2 BOWL!
(but i'm da LOSER as expected~=p)
Hanis,(da high scorer) got THREE strikes in 1 GAME! *yikes!*
lepas tu, layankan diorang main fusball (is that da right spelling???)

My apek is such a LOSER as well (dats y we are together kot~)
so i decided to switch side n be HANIS' supporter..=p (mean, i know...)
Owh, btw,i got free LOLLIPOP from my cuz who works at da bowling's cafe!
(thanx iwan!)

FINALLY, @ 11 we went back 2 O.U for PAPADOM! (da story is not so bad)
congrats AFDLIN!
but SADLY, my apek SLEPT & SNORED loudly halfway thru da movie!
(unbelievable, i know~)
u r such a SLEEPY HEAD, u know dat?

i arrived home @ around 3++ a.m coz i have 2 wait 4 mr.SLEEPY HEAD 2 really WAKE UP from his bed at home & send me back!
(poor hanis was forced 2 accompany mr.apek 2 shah alam coz he was afraid of 'sleepdriving')

it was SO darn tiring, but such a fun & fulfilling day~ (& nite...)
don't mind doing it again & again & AGAIN....=)

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Hanis Ninie Says:

i'm wondering who's that guy named Hanis..

miera angela Says:

hey u!
thanx 4 stopping by~

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