ROBOdance??? Oh, NO!!!

Posted by miera angela , Thursday, November 5, 2009 10:23 PM

The urge to do the ROBOdance is back again! CRAP!!!
I haven't done it like almost the whole semester...
The last time i did it was during my previous semester..
(when the world crave for Lady Gaga's JUST DANCE~)
& it was a HUGE hit among my friends
(they like the idea of me making a fool of myself~)
I just can't seem to REFRAIN myself from robodancing to that song EVERY single time!
(anywhere at all~ don't really care...=p)

Now,i'm putting the blame on B.E.P's BOOM BOOM POW!
Listening to that song, makes me wanna get up & just move my hands~

*doing da robodance*

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