LabourDAY HoliDAY!

Posted by miera angela , Tuesday, May 3, 2011 7:14 AM

What did U do during the looong weekend?

I have no plans so I decided to follow Mama & my stepdad to visit his family in The Land of Faith:TERENGGANU DARUL IMAN!
Haven't been here for almost 10 years!

DAY 1: Saturday

We departed at around 7.30 a.m from Akak's house.
It took us around almost 8 hours drive fom K.L just to arrive ~
My butt soared for sitting too long in the car..
I can even feel it getting flattened!

Along the way all I can see is GREEN...
NO house, NO petrol stations, Not even a mosque in sight!
Just cars & more Palm trees...

The house is at Kampung Kemat, Kuala Berang.
It is situated in Hulu Terengganu, quite near to Kelantan...

As we arrived, there are no electricity because the cables outside were being repaired.
It was scorching hot (typical Terengganu's weather) & very dark in the house when night falls...
As I was sitting in the living room alone, a shiny thing came flying directly to me..It was only a bit later I realised that it was actually a Firefly!
Now, I haven't seen one of those in more than 10 years as they are extinctly fast...
What a sight!

The house is a very 'KAMPUNG' kampung house coz they don't even have flush in the toilet...
Being the clean-freak me, I can't accept things at first, but I do tried my best not to think about it too much~

By 10.30 p.m,

All I can hear is the sound of the crickets & Mama's super loud snore...
And I can't sleep!

At times like that really REALLY made me wish that I have a super expensive, fancy-schmancy, apps filled smart phone to kill my utter boredom~

I can't really communicate with the locals as I am lost in Translation...
So the best I could do is just, SMILE...

But they do have a pretty good side though...
Imagine having THIS in ur backyard!

I mean, this is pure bliss~
Untouched by human's dirty hands...

DAY 2: Sunday

The family decided to have a picnic at a nearby river called Sekayu.
It was only a 20 minutes drive away & we brought packed foods from home...

NOW I know why am I ALWAYS hungry! look at Mama!!!

with my stepdad's youngest niece

While waiting for my stepdad to pick us up at the river's entrance, there was a bunch of Mat Remps ( U know what I mean~) next to us.
I was eating ice cream & all of a sudden there is a not so tall Remps came up to me and say:
"Nak sikit boleh?"

in a thick Ganu's accent that I struggled to understand at first.
My reply was:
"What the HELL???"

They all burst out laughing and said that I was "Skipping" English...

I HATE Mat Remps!!!

We packed immediately after arriving home & head out to my uncle's house in Kemaman...

Day 3: Monday
It's working day In Terengganu but my uncle went to his office only for a while to punch card & took us for breakfast. Luckily he is the boss!

U can't never come to Terengganu & NOT eat Nasi Dagang!
That will be the biggest sin~
guess what this is?? it is actually Tapai wrapped in Rubber leaves!

Then he took us to the best Kepok Lekor ( as the locals call it ) in town to buy some souvenirs.
U can contact them if u want~

Frrrresh from the pot!

After all that, we finally headed home to K.L & arrived at about 3 p.m
Eventhough I had to spend half of my journey flattening my rear end in the car, but it was very enlightening & exciting...

Wouldn't mind coming again!

Na Na Na Na Na... GANU KITEE~

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