Please Don't tell my Mama!

Posted by miera angela , Friday, May 6, 2011 1:58 AM

I woke up early this morning, all prep up to go to work...
Me & May even got extra time to buy some breakfast and still be 15 minutes early to work~

We act normally & did our work expecting nothing interesting to happen when allof a sudden at around 12, Miss Superior said taht Mr. Boss asked to see us...


I'm beginningto have a very bad feeling about what is going to happen

With a shaky voice, he told us that our service in no longer required in the company because they need more 'experienced' worker & we can leave after lunch if we wanted to...


It feels like my head had just been hit hard with a sledgehammer!

I had to act like everything is normal in front of my colleagues, or at least until lunch time...
So i did my work like nothing ever happened & I wish to walk out the door fabulously stylish & with whatever pride left in myself~
Coz frankly saying, my mind was thinking on how I would miss out on sugar coating my eyes with that new cute & tall 3-D designer boy...

So when we broke the expected news to our colleagues on lunch hour, they were quite shocked.
They give encouraging speeches & bid their goodbyes in the office pantry.

As what we see on TV, people usually pack their stuffs in nice boxes whereas us, we only managed to find some Mydin plastic bags...
Pathetic, VERY!

Crying is the last thing on my to-do list but when one of our closest colleague Millie started to cry, both of us just can't bear it any longer & we all broke down in tears, in the (where else?) pantry.

We had to hand back our worker passes to our so called Miss Superior & all i can think of is:
DANG! I haven't taken any pictures with the pass as a momento..

But...I do manage to get this!
My trusted table calender!

Well....erm..I don't actually GET it but I took it coz it is fully marked with important dates & memos!
Besides, they got it for FREE from the suppliers anyway...

I still haven't told my family coz I am too scared of what their reaction will be especially Mama~
Its mothers day tomorrow & I feel so useless for not able to do something for her & instead will make her worry more...

Only my colleagues, Mr.Apek ( and his family ) knew...
And now U readers too of course ;)
That Apek boy and his BIG MOUTH!

His Mum even contacted her friends to ask about vacancies in my behalf without me even knowing!
I am SUPER embarrassed to the max but I am also as desperate as a mouse in a Lion's mouth...
So perhaps I will have to accept her help ( for this time ONLY!)

Everyone knows that 'ALMOST' is never good enough but all I regret is that the SUPERIOR should've given us notice at least a week earlier so that we can prepare ourselves for the worst
( like finding another job of course!)

Goodbye dear workplace!
U will be deeply missed...

5 Response to "Please Don't tell my Mama!"

H Says:

wow this is sewious...oh mai..goodluck in finding new job

miera angela Says:

op kosh it is...
I am both speechless & helpless~

I just hope I'll find a new job A.S.A.P!
Thanks ekal!

H Says:

whatever it is..i dowan to see u kurus2 ok...makan kena maintain...lulz :p

Illi Hzbull Says:

isk, kenapa dorg kejam sgt~
at least bgtau la awal2..
neway, i'm sure u will get better a job after this~
gud luck dear!

miera angela Says:

ekal: time macam ni la I nak diet! hahahah!!!

illi: tu la pasal...I hope so too~ Thanks! (>__<)

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