Rain City Trippin'

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, May 18, 2011 8:16 AM

Been too busy lately with job interviews & convocation matters this week so THIS is kinda stale but nevertheless, an experience...

U see, I was born in Taiping, Perak so there will always be this THING between me & this place that is very close to my heart.
So when Mama & Akak wanted me to come along to attend a wedding in Taiping last weekend, I couldn't say NO eventhough I was reluctant at first.

It was my uncle's wife's little brother's wedding...
(FEWH! such a loong connection)

We departed from K.L at around midnight & arrived at dawn.
Then we went straight to the bride's side Kenduri at Parit Buntar.
And THIS is the result of car lag & lack of sleep:

Like Mama, like daughter ;)

After that, my uncle brought us to see his wife's kampung nearby.
HAHAHA! Mama insisted on taking pics at the sugarcane plant very ol'skool!

Nur Kasih's shooting ( I wish!)

Fresh coconut drink, coming right up!

Taiping is known to be the wettest ( is that correct?) city in peninsular Malaysia, if I'm not mistaken. So when the Rain City itself is not raining, just imagine the rest of the country...

But what else is best to quench the summer sun rather that a bowl of Taiping's famous:
After the wedding, all of us thought of going to town & get ourselves some icy cold cendol but oh me oh my...Guess what I saw???


When we arrived at the Kenduri, to our amazement, my uncle brought the Cendol's Mamak to prepare cendol for guests!

This is even better!
We can eat our hearts out for FREEEEEEEE!!!!!

3 sisters!

When we decided to tour the town later that evening, it is only then it rained...
My poor brother-in-law never seen Taiping before so we brought him to my favourite place of all time, Taiping's LAKE GARDEN!

I SUPER love its centuries-old shady trees & the still lake...

Not forgetting the special Char kuey teaw & Air Amra ( Kedondong juice )
an old town that never fails to excites me in new ways...

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