A day in my jobless life...

Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, May 11, 2011 10:18 AM

Wanna know what is in the schedule of a jobless person???
Lemme tell U on how I spend my day today...

11th MAY 2011:

I woke up at around 5 something this morning thinking on what else to do coz I can't sleep anymore because of the scorching heat...

Then, I decided to go JOGGING!

Started walking out if the house at around 7 a.m & reached a nearby park
Worked out for about an hour & head back home.





Notice that there's no EATING in between???
That is because I do NOT eat at all since yesterday!
(well, apart for some sunflower seeds & an apple that is it!)

I do occasionally checked my email inbox for any job responses but since it's always empty, I couldn't be bothered that much...



Finally for dinner I decided to head out to KFC mainly because of the air cond there...


Then I feel the urge to visit my hairdresser for a mini makeover. A trip to the hairdresser proves to be rejuvenating...
Lovin my new very the Japanese hair!

As Rebecca Black put it, its fun fun FUN isn't it???

I just hope I'll get a job pretty soon or U will find me in the newspaper's front page...

Cause of death: BOREDOM!


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