Posted by miera angela , Wednesday, January 20, 2010 12:02 AM

huh..a word coming from a REJECT!
dah x dapat dah la..dulu sape suruh x FIKIR before u act?
i never even badmouthed u in front of ur frens & families COZ I STILL CARE!
u URSELF know how MUCH i LOVED u...
i could even DIE 4 u....

I BEGGED, but who refuses?

I NEVER asked u for MONEY..u willingly gave them to me. When i refused, u said its ur DUTY..
Its always about YOU YOU YOU!!!

Is it a crime to have someone who cared for me when YOU DON'T???

u CARED?????

do u care when my tears flowed like the river every night?
do u care when i almost got myself killed?
do u care when i missed u so badly every second?
do u care when i can only think bout u & only YOU?
do u care when i went thru HELL?
do u care when i suffered?
do u care when i begged?
do u care when i tried to be nice?
do u care when i CARE???

DO U CARE?????????

& now u want me back~


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