J.B foods 101 (PART 3)

Posted by miera angela , Saturday, June 19, 2010 8:19 AM

**OK, i lied, its a 3 part post, not 2..Hey, i already told u its a LONG STORY**

Was getting ready & suddenly the phone rang...

We're HERE!

I haven't even ironed my shirt...
It's a good thing i've showered & packed~ 

The poor folks had to listen to Mama telling them all about our life ( from A-Z) while waiting for me...
(YES, Mama is EXTREMELY friendly...don't say i didn't warn u..) 

So, after offering the folks a drink, we head out to J.B in search of local delicacies~
(i kept bragging to them that J.B has all the GOOD & CHEAP FOODS~) 


Very famous among J.B-ans. 
It is actually a thick gravy mixture of minced beef, beans & spices. U eat it with a thick toasted bread...
HO - LIAO!!! 

The always -hungry-lads ordered otak-otak & sizzling chicken chop to accompany the 'Main Course'
And everything disappeared in matter of MINUTES!

Then, we continued our journey to J.B pride, City Square!

But it was raining along the way & our ride got into a little accident on the slippery road...
The Amoi who bang our car was "gentleman" enough to take the blame & pay for the damage...
The boys was trying to act cool in front of this cute Amoi~

Thank GOD it was not THAT serious & most importantly that everyone is fine~

Inside, i managed to persuade them to try my favorite place to have egg tarts!
mouth watering?
wait till u see this: 

Tantalizing enough???
(Naz couldn't take the temptation of the chicken so he decided to Tapau)

Feeling thirsty after walkng for a while, i decided to have my all time FAV Roibo's Pearl Milk Tea!


We went to J.B's take on Sungei Waing Plaza inside this mall called the Innercity...
This section got some really rare & cheap finds...
pretty KEWL!

So, Mr.Apek got himself a KEWL underground brand T-shirt while naz got a sandal...

I managed to persuade the tourists for some taste of my all time favourite bakery in the entire country, Season's~

I just need to get my hands on those Fruity cream puffs ( with REAL fruits, mind u..)


*no pics, SORRY*

With our tummy full & happy, we are ready to head on to Muar for another Foods Adventure...
Can't wait to do this again!!!


Ther goes my so-called diet.....
*all the pics in this post was googled coz we just couldn't bother to snap pics while enjoying these heavenly foods...

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H Says:

*scrolling down*

*oh foods!*


whattttt...where's the Muar story and picture!!
nak lagi...!

miera angela Says:

dah the end la...
NO Muar story...
xsempat nk cipta lagi...
JOM, cipta bersama saya~

shah Says:

the-things i could get and see anywhere around which has:

TERBAEK foods.

TERBAEK places,

TERBAEK aweks,

and last but not least
the most TERBAEK girlfriend in my entire life.. :) <3 <3 <3

miera angela Says:

but i AM da only GF u had ever had kan????

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