Who said I didn't do anything?

Posted by miera angela , Thursday, December 2, 2010 10:30 AM

Who said i didn't do anything during my LOOONG break?
I am now stationing at my sis's before going back home.
Her house is like a pit-stop for me to keep some stuffs from my former rented home in Shah Alam~
(not just some, actually, if u know me...)

So,as an almost-full-time maid to my sis,

I cleaned,
I pimped up the place a bit (even managed to pull in a flower arrangement for the living room)
I helped take care of my nephew,

To those skeptics pot there,
yes people,I CAN cook!

I don't usually do it because of time scarcity, but will oblige whenever i have the time ( & sources)
And when i do, i usually will carve a smile n people's faces~
(pardon the vanity)

Because i am quite the experimental cook, always hungry to try new recipes.

Here are some of the results:

the lil' flower arrangement on the TV

the colourful vegetables from this,
to THIS! my traffic light coloured stir fry veges ;)
my special teppanyaki style squid with OATS! ;)
GOD, i feel so MARTHA STEWART-ly!
You can always ask me for recipes though... 

All in a day's work...

2 Response to "Who said I didn't do anything?"

shah Says:

tahniah! anda berjaya dan layak jadi orang gaji..;p

miera angela Says:

but of course not urs la~

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