CRAY-ZEH Bukit Bintang

Posted by miera angela , Friday, December 31, 2010 7:47 AM

It was a DATE DAY with Mr.Apek today starting at his Grandma's house in Petaling Jaya where she cooked a MEAN feast of Briyanis & other dishes!

Then we decided to usher in the New Year together by exploring Bukit Bintang.

Sg.Wang Plaza-BB plaza-Lot 10-Farenheit 88-Pavillion-Lot 10-Sg.WangPlaza

We did enough exploring (and shopping), all right !
The Sale was CRAZY but the people there are CRAZIER!
I mean, the crowd i tremendous & all i could see were oceans of people EVERYWHERE!

We decided to leave early because everyone knows how bad the traffic will be once the sun sets.
But once we left the building... OMFG!!!

Its like the whole of the Armed Forces were there!
Police, Army, Rela & even the FRU, man!!!

I was thinking, is there going to be a war or something???
Trying to escape from BB is agonizing enough & we were so darn relieved once were outta that place in ONE PIECE!

So its celebrating New Year in front of the TV for us then!

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