Say NO to WORK!

Posted by miera angela , Friday, December 24, 2010 10:32 AM


After MORE than 5 years, i FINALLY finished my studies...
So, what else is on everybody's mind once they've graduated?
yes, WORK!

But WORK is not a priority to me right now as i am lovin my life nowadays.
Because after more than 5 years, i am FINALLY living my LIFE!

I spent more time with my family, re-connect with old friends, shopped, ate non-stop, is learning how to drive, went hiking & doing things that i didn't have time for before and actually enjoyed every single bit!

hike hike hike!
BIG family
I am pretty comfortable with the life i am in now
( except when u think about the $$$$$$ part OF COURSE...)
Because surely as the digits in my bank account is decreasing, i will have to find a proper job.

But for now, i am saying NO to WORK!

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